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Website content is valuable. Great content can set your website apart from the masses. Successful websites is determined mostly by its content. All of the other components of a website such as design, visuals, and videos provide a support role to the content. Being content with the content on your website is never easy. If you are content with your content, then you can sometimes feel like there can be more out there. If you feel this way then you are ready to start to think outside of the flower box.

In the English language, words that spelled the same are often pronounced differently and have different meanings.  Did you happen to catch that in the title?

Content marketing allows for brands to maintain the same mind share as they did 20 years ago. Keeping in mind that means that your content may have to have 50 times as much content as did the brand 20 years ago. All you must do is just be creative. One way is with images!

You can get images from customers, employees, friends and other influencers. We live in a day and age where there are numerous creative people.

Keep in mind that today content is increasing free. There are so many content-creation tools available. The smartphones are a wealthy source of content. Don’t forget the other free publishing tools such as Facebook and Instagram.

Make sure that there are effective taglines. Effective taglines and a great design will only enhance the effectiveness. I have learned that design itself does not sell. The content of your website should always begin with proper market research (Kycheriavy, 2017).

Start digging for that content!



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