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3 Simple Steps to Start Using Social Media to Market Your Healthcare Organization

Simple Steps to Start Using Social Media

Hospital, Private Practice or Walk-in Clinic…your healthcare organization can benefit from using social media.  There are a number of things to consider when starting your social media marketing program. Follow these 3 simple steps and start using social media to market your healthcare organization.

Step 1:  Do your researchFacebook Visual Content Videos Shared 12 X More, Photos Liked 2X more

Before you start writing content and posting material via social media you want to do a little research to get the lay of the land. Get a feeling for the demographics of each social network, and focus on the ones where your target audience will be.  According to Lauren C in her blog titled 4 Questions to Ask When Targeting Healthcare Consumers on Social Media, when targeting healthcare consumers in social media it’s important to know who you are targeting, how to reach them and where they engage online.

Step 2:  Determine your metrics

You have thought about your target audience and what social media networks you might use to engage them, now you should consider what metrics you will use to measure your success.  Katja E, in her blog series titled Social Media Healthcare Metrics – What Does Work For You, discusses the things a healthcare organization should consider when determining the metrics they will use.  Remember…the most important metrics are the ones that measure if you are meeting your specific goals. Some things you might want measure:

  • Reach= Who are you reaching and how large is that group
  • Engagement= Is your target audience interacting, sharing, commenting etc.
  • Activity= A measurement of your inputs (Post Rate, Response Rate, etc.)
  • Conversion= The number of new clients resulting from your efforts.

Step 3:  Plan Your Content

Social Media Content

Now that you have a good idea about who your target audience is, where they engage online and how you will be measuring your efforts, you should start thinking about the content you will be generating.  Consider creating a style guide so that you can be consistent in the look, feel, voice and tone of your writing.  Take a moment to build an editorial calendar, schedule your subject matter and its release.  Trust me, the few minutes you spend completing this task will save you time, money and effort in the long run.

Tami Brouillette, in her recent blog post titled, “Essential Components of Content Creation for Healthcare” outlines the following important components of content creation:

  1. Give People the right Information
  2. Make Your Content Worth Sharing
  3. Be Fresh, Unique and Consistent
  4. It’s Not About You


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