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3 Tips to Make Your Content Last Longer

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Content is king. In today’s market, that is absolutely true. On average, almost 90 GB of data is sent every second of every day. That’s a lot of data consumption. Here’s a great infographic by File Catalyst that shows how much content consumers use on a daily basis:


File Catalyst Infographic

Content creation sure isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So how do you get people to notice you? Here’s where many businesses get confused and make mistakes. A popular thought process includes:


  • Writing an article
  • Posting that article on their social media outlets
  • Waiting for the magic to happen


Well, that’s only half right. Writing and posting an article is only half the battle. Now you need an actual strategy to get the wheels moving and consumers interested in what you have. So what do you do once you’ve written an article, ebook, or video? It goes beyond just posting it to all of your social media channels.


Here’s a few tips:

Create your content strategy plan before you start.

Make it tangible. Commit it to writing and put it to paper. Review it often and use it as a compass for your goals. This is where most fall behind. Before you begin writing an article, blog post, video, or ebook, you need to know what your goals are and what you want to accomplish. Without that guiding compass, you’ll only create short-term strategies that won’t make the distance in your business’ journey.  Check out this great post by Hubspot about creating a content strategy.

Don’t just post it, promote it….and not just once. 

For example, take a blog article. Take out the three main points and use those points to repost it to your channels. Make sure to update it with the appropriate hashtags.

Repurpose it. 

Each content created can be repurposed at least three times. That 500 word article could be extended into a longer article. That YouTube video could be used in training materials or in webinars. Snippets of that ebook could be used as a bait piece for customers to learn more about in a download. Use your imagination here. There are endless ways to repurpose content.

Last thoughts…

Remember, creating and posting content is not enough. Sure, there’s just enough bad content as there are good, but If you want to appeal to your audience, create a following that likes and trusts you, your content will need to be relevant and useful to the audience you’re pushing it to.


Also, if Content is King…is SEO Queen?


Let me know what you think! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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