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3 Ways to Bulk Up Your Small Business’s Social Media

“We don’t have a choice on whether or not we DO social media, the question is how WELL we do it”- Erik Qualma

In the last several years the booming world of social media influencers, content creators, and individuals using social media to generate income has sky rocketed. As a result, that has created a great way for small businesses to utilize this type of marketing to their benefit. For instance, introducing brand ambassadors, collaborations, and cross promotions with other brands. In the world of ‘The New Normal’ small businesses need to tap into all of the resources that they have available. If you aren’t sure where to start check out what Tony Fountain from Forbes has to say!

As a small business owner you do not want to make the mistake of assuming you will get lost on social media, or that it is only for big business. In fact, it is actually quite the opposite! Social media is your opportunity to shine and create a community amongst your brand. For that reason it is so important that you understand how to utilize social media to showcase your brand. Below, look at three ways you may not have thought of that you can beef up your social media game!

Social Selling

Social selling is not just posting a sales pitch onto your Instagram story or Twitter feed. It is finding potential consumers of your brand and engaging with them to create a relationship. Even if they are not ready to make a purchase in that moment. Use social selling as the ‘cold call’ of social media marketing. Remember, this does not mean blowing up a potential customers DM’s or newsfeed. Rather, simply engage with them to build trust. Do this by showing how your brand can be a solution to a problem. For more information here is a quick video from Hootsuite to help you better understand Social Selling.

Brand Ambassadors

Utilizing brand ambassadors is a fun way to involve customers with your brand, build loyalty, and encourage trust. You may be asking how do I find a brand ambassador? The best way is to communicate with customers who regularly visit or engage with your small business. Those consumers that you may have already built a relationship with through social selling. As a result you can ask them to share your content and review your products on their own social media. This in turn creates a positive word of mouth campaign. Overall, the idea is to find people that endorse your brand in a natural and believable way. You need your consumers to buy in! We have all been somewhere or follow an Instagram account that we get excited to share content for with the chance they may include us in their Instagram story. This is a perfect example of having your consumers create content for you. The more you do this the more you will create consumers that want to be part of your brand.


‘Now STOP Collaborate and Listen!’ 

Ok this has nothing to do with Vanilla Ice, but it does have everything to do with creating something memorable like his song! Collaborating with other small business owners who have similar goals and complementing  services and products can really pump up your social media engagement and foot traffic! For example, a clothing boutique pairing with a local salon and creating a look of the day. Another could be a coffee shop pairing with a local bakery to offer their products at their counter. The possibilities are honestly endless and it can double your reach and impressions. 

Always be thinking outside of the box, just because something worked for another brand does not mean it will work for yours. It also does not guarantee that it won’t. Be original, be transparent, and be authentically you!

Good Luck you got this!


Nicole Berkebile

Category: Social Media Marketing 201