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4 Tips That Guarantee Better Self Expression In A Blog

Self Expression is What Makes You!

Finding your voice can be quite difficult. Especially when you trying to figure out different ways to brand yourself. Popular to contrary belief blogs have become very useful when expressing ones opinion. Blogging can be easy as providing the 4 tips for self expression. Readers enjoy the thoughts of the organic content writer because its not paid content and it genuinely comes from the heart of the writer. Here is a link on why blogs are such a big deal. Some content consist of politics, product reviews, family life, etc. Many writers find ways to get their point across by being truly blunt which can come across as being offensive or they choose comical satire.

I personally use a little of both as it can even the playing field and keep the readers attention. When branding yourself this can be a little difficult to find the right words and not send the wrong message. Below are 4 tips that get the point across and attract more readers without sending the wrong message.

4 Tips for Self Expression In Blogging

  1. Be Concise

    When branding know what to say and how to say it. Many readers can confuse a message that could possibly teach them something to a rant. Its important to know what your going to say and how your going to say to make sure you get your point across. Some helpful tools are brainstorming, brain dumpling, and journaling. Writing things down before you say can help a person clear their mind and organize their thoughts.

    How to brainstorm ideas
    Pick a topic and and branch out from that topic. From there you can figure out what categories and subcategories stick to your personal brand and what type of message is being delivered from each category.

  2. Be funny!

    Its ok to be humorous at times. Seventy-four percent of readers attract more readers when they find funny content. It also raises the chances of the content being shared by 45%. Stating what you think in the most hilarious ways creates a organic connection with you and the reader. Zoe Anderson talks about how humor sells in in a blog. Even dry humor can be quite funny. This also generates responses if you also add questions to your post. For example: ” How many people can relate? Because I literally tripped and fell on my way to the store…” or Are there times when you sit and actively listening to someone and hear nothing??? LOL” This invites a reader to engage with you. Many bloggers feel that blogs are just for putting out information. That’s not always the case!

  3. Talk about personal experiences

    One thing a reader hates is someone who rants without getting to the point. This is the quickest way to get the reader to say NEXT! Adding a personal experience to a topic allows the reader to relate to you. While they are reading many can say, ” I totally get it…” It makes them feel like you are their unbeknownst bestie. Some examples of personal experiences are recalling certain events, topics about friends and family, work related experiences, etc. This will assist in opening up the mind while writing about how you personally feel. The benefits is talking about personal experiences are: awakening an unknown passion of your own or the reader, it builds credibility, and its therapeutic. This is also a tactic to get reader to engage on the blog more.
    To show self expression as a relation to personal experience

  4. Use Videos

    Imagery is always a good way to express yourself. It gives the reader a different way to learn about the content that is posted. However, be careful with the content that is posted as it can send the wrong message. Make sure it stays true to your topic as well as your brand. Its very easy to post a video that displays the wrong message. The best video content is content of yourself. That way you know that the message is being delivered properly. Using video content can grab the readers attention as well as leave them intrigued with what will happen next. This will also create curiosity for content that has been posted before.

How to perfect the 4 Tips of Self Expression

The only way to get better is to practice. Using various different medias such as drawing, video, music etc. Stay consistent in one of those forms or all of them to find out what works better. Practicing with various forms will also help getting used to working with different forms of media when being creative with self expression.

Finding your own unique voice is what will make you stand out from everyone else. Whether you use it for personal reasons or professional reasons there is always a way to express yourself. FIND YOUR VOICE! Let the online community know who you are!


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