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Five Key Things That Will Help Boost Your Blog

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You just joined the blogging universe this year and are starting to boost your blog by building your social network and online presence. Not seeing desirable results? Starting out as a blogger today, in this technologically-robust environment, can be incredibly difficult. Especially without having the necessary tools and knowledge to support you along the way, you may feel like giving up.

Let’s explore five ways to strengthen your resolve and boost your blog activity levels.

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Be Realistic and Authentic.

Your blog will create a better impression if you are true to yourself and your personality. Address realistic topics you enjoy, but will also engage your followers.

Have Eye-Catching Visuals.

People love to look at pictures, Infographics, Memes, and videos. Include visuals with vibrant colors, thoughtful layouts, explanatory images,and pictures that tell stories. People respond best to images that are generally well-planned and executed. More times than not, users prefer visually balanced content over text-heavy content. Take advantage and include a variety of creative elements in your posts.

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Know When Your Audience is Active.

Use your social media analytics to observe your audience and leverage this “observation data” to schedule posts when they are active. Incorporating a social media calendar and publisher will make regular posting a breeze!

Sprout Social, Hootsuite, eClincher, and Buffer are some of the “big name” and popular choices. There are countless other options available in addition to these. Make sure to understand your needs and wants, and then research and select a program that best suits your needs and purposes.

Engage With Your Audience.

1 in 3 people will turn to your competitors when ignored on social media. Not only will engagement keep your audience members happy, but it will also help drive traffic to your sites. It will bring in referrals and new audience members as well. In addition, engaging will help establish brand recognition. It will create a sense of community that connects you to your audience. And your audience members to each other.

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End By Giving Them a Call-to-Action (CTA).

Many blogs build the reader up throughout the whole post but then drops them cold at the end. Spend the extra time and care to craft and strategize an impactful call-to-action (CTAs).

These include buttons to share, shop now, download, learn more, or others that push the reader further into your site to explore other pages or take a particular action such as sharing, shopping, downloading, or signing up.

Now let’s get inspired and take a look at some great blog examples.

The blog does a standout job providing their readers with specific, relatable, realistic, and engaging recommendations for blogs to suit the needs of specific audience members.

Disney Parks Blog logo

First of all, the layout of the entire Disney Parks Blog landing page makes navigation simple and comfortable. Whether the viewer is looking for content related to the cruise line or one of the resorts, it’s all easy to navigate. Secondly, the color scheme and theming of the Disney Parks Blog match most all of the other Disney content – containing all five of the elements mentioned previously.

Other honorable mentions are The Disney Blog, Dishin’ Up The Dirt, and theContent Marketing Institute.

Honestly, the list examples of successful blogs that follow the five steps mentioned as part of their formula could go on and on. Do some research and find what works for you. Start out with these five tips while on the lookout for more to incorporate into your blog.

Just be an authentic, all-around entertaining or engaging resource on any platform.

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And the beauty is, these techniques are versatile. You can apply them to your blog, as well as to Facebook, Instagram, your vlog, on Twitter, or any other online social media platform.

All readers can detect when something is fake and inauthentic. So the bottom line, when it comes to growing your audience and increasing traffic to any platform, is to be reliable, truthful, engaging, informative and visual.

Be an authentic, all-around entertaining or engaging resource on anywhere you are present and your audience grow and will follow.

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