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5 Ways to Accomplish Social Media as a NonProfit

Has your organization ever felt like they could accomplish & retain attention with or without social media? If you have thought about it, here are a few tips for nonprofits that can be used to reaching your target audience, gaining presence & building a connection with followers. (Sadiq, 2018)

Choose a platform

This is the chance to weigh out which social media platform would be more beneficial for your organization. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram just to name a few. Here you can determine which tool will reach the largest audience & which is best for sharing content based on what’s being published. As nonprofits like to spread their message, using social media management software will definitely build your presence. Nick Morpus, former Capterra analyst suggested 7 social management tools to consider for brightening your content, & engaging your campaigns. 

Take your time to learn

Research what approaches work best by checking out how other organizations use social media. To maximize your campaign, different analytic & social media tools will help organize, maintain, & monitor your campaign. Interaction will also help build visibility to other companies, organizations, & other followers. For example, Learn how to write posts, be visual, be consistent, & vary the type of posts you use on social media. 

Define what you do

As a organization, its a common mistake is using social media to explain who you are & what you do. Showcase the impact you are having in the world, & how you’ll measure success. Social media is all about building relationships. A great way to strengthen your social media strategy is connecting with nonprofits who support your mission or vision. The more shareable content produced, the more people will see your organization, & be motivated by it.


Visualize, visualize, visualize. Taking pictures, & posting them, this is where you tell your story. The goal is to have a visual focus on all social media channels. Psychologist Albert Mehrabian showed that 93% of communication is nonverbal, since visuals can be processed by the mind 60,000 times faster than text. (Pitman, 2014) Be creative & find ways to tap into the ideas people are thinking about, but not doing. ALS Bucket Challenge sound familiar?

Engage your audience

Communication is key in order to receive feedback.  Did you know that 83 percent of your Facebook fans and 71 percent of your Twitter followers expect a response from you on the same day they ask a question? (Nolan, 2018) This is a great way to communicate with your followers. This also gives you the opportunity to let them tell their story, & share their content. Make your online community feel involved, & give them a fantastic user experience. 

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