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5 Social Sites for Careers: International Student Edition


Businesses and recruiters today are searching for people to fill positions  by searching websites, interacting and connecting to  social sites.  This is no exception with International students  attending colleges and universities throughout the nation.

The problems for most international students are:


  • Communication barriers they face to connect with others
  • How and where to look for work study programs, internships, mentors
  • Job placement options that work towards their career goals while studying abroad
  • Finding work to stay permanently  in the states.

The following sites are very valuable, and in my opinion probably the most important sites for an international student to consider:

International Student provides information for international students, including detail on laws/visa restrictions and legal requirements to work in the USA.  There are many links to other sites such as study centers, resources, forums and blogs. The optional practical training (OPT) gives an international student a better understanding of what is expected of them and the process it takes to be employed whether in a co-op or work off-campus program through the schools International Student Office.

USA Today College website includes connections to most social sites, career links, blogs and news about what’s going on around the world socially and how students be a part of it.  The site offers much more than just one social site, as there are tons of links that are for any individual studying abroad.

Today social sites can be a great advantage, and furthermore a benefit to students and business alike as they provide a wide range of tools and links that can connect anyone around the world in a short period of time.  Social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ are the few leading social sites that provide professional networking with LinkedIn alone having over 135 million members in over 200 countries (Syracuse University, 2013) today.


LinkedIn Groups (such as Human Resources Group ) allow individuals to connect, and through these connections reach more  potential opportunities quickly.  When you visit to LinkedIn,  go to the navigation bar for the option “Interests”. There you will find companies, groups and influencers.  The company link connects the user to research, follow and add any company into your company list that has an account on LinkedIn.   LinkedIn also offers  World Translation Center that allows international students the abilities to communicate by translation in any language by their professional teams across the globe.


Twitter has TweetMyJobs  (free) an easy  way to engage with peers and professionals.  This platform allows job seekers and employer’s to connect and follow  through job channels.  Each day there are over 50,000 new jobs posted and tweeted and more than 10,000 custom job channels available for students and others to access daily.  It also offers Facebook  integration to easily transfer information right into TweetMyJobs.  Adding your name and a password accesses the main page by clicking the “Who?” button to activate the account.  Job alerts can be sent via  Twitter, mobile or email.  The user must also enter  job preference information, location, and  upload/create a resume .  There is also a Facebook Referral Network that is linked directly to the main home page.   As for communication and language barriers that most students face, Twitter has a Translation Center  allowing an international student to select and chose the language of preference when signing up which works immediately to improve communicating on the site for phrases, comments and other functions.


Google+  allow s the user to  interact with others on a personal and professional level.  The options available on Google+ are endless for both business and student use.  Google Circles is one of the most important features on this site, the user is able to create  circles and separate them by category.  This organized technique provides the capability to visualize/organize personal contacts and their professional ones as well. There is also a suggestion page allowing them to add other people with similar interests and backgrounds into the circles.

Instant upload allows the user to  share photos and videos;  Google Hangouts allows for real time communication. Google+ also has Google Translate available for Google+ stream using their integrated support to translate into other languages.

Students in all countries are now able to communicate and connect like never before.  If you have any additional social networking sites that may benefit international students, please share below!


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