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5 Tips To Connect With Your Target Audience

By Courtney String

5 tips to connect with your target market

Soo… you nailed down your target market, you have your product or service, now it is time to start advertising your business! Connecting with your target audience isn’t as easy as we would like. The target audience is the group of consumers you want to target with advertisements. Your target audience wants you to tell them how your products or services will make their lives better and simpler, but it’s not that simple; content needs to be original, insightful and definitely not too sales-y!

Here are five tips that will help you connect
with your target audience:

Tip 1: Develop your voice

Developing a unique voice for your brand is a
great way to stand out amongst competitors, as well as make a connection with
your audience. Do you want your brand’s voice to be casual, funny, or formal?
Using your brands voice across social media channels will boost your visibility
and make your brand memorable. Click here
to learn more about developing your brand’s

Tip 2: Create unique content

Instead of only repurposing the same
topics as your competitors, give insights on topics that will allow you to
offer your unique take on situations. This will show your audience that you
have something valuable to offer, which will keep your audience coming back for

Tip 3: Pile on the emotion

If a person (or company) made you laugh, crack
a smile, or even shed a tear, you are bond to remember them. Tapping into these
emotions is great because we as humans loveeeee to relate to others. Sharing
stories about something you encountered, or an issue that came up is a great
way for your audience to relate to you and for them to share stories with you.
This will personify your brand and allow people to relate and engage with your

Tip 4: Be the expert

As a business owner, your audience expects you
to be an expert in the industry. Your content should show just that, that you
are an expert they can trust. In order to be considered an “expert” you have to
share valuable insight. Your insight needs to be backed up with hard evidence
or accurate sources. Also, when taking a stance on something in the industry,
stick to your guns. No one likes, or will trust, a flip flopper. Here is an
example, a boutique owner creates content including the “no white after labor
day stance”, but then shares a picture of someone wearing white in October.
Silly example but you get it. Pick a stance, back it up and don’t flip flop!

Tip 5: Ask questions

Asking your audience questions about your products or services, or experiences with your business, is a great way to connect with your audience and drive engagement. After you take a stance on a topic, ask them if they agree or disagree. Back to the white after Labor Day example, after taking the “no white after labor day stance”, ask your audience how they feel about it, encourage a good debate. Not only will these questions and debates increase audience connection and drive engagement, it may just give you more insight on what your customers want or need, as well as give you some new content ideas.

5 tips to connect with your target market: pocket edition
1. Develop your voice
2. create unique content
3. pile on the emotion
4. be the expert
5. ask questions

Using these five tips will help you connect with your target audience and increase your engagement. Would you like to learn how to write the right content for your target audience? Here are some other interesting posts that may help!

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Do you have any tips or tricks that helped you connect with your audience? I would love to hear your stories and how they benefited you in the comments!  

PS. Save the pocket edition for easy access to these 5 tips!

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