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5 Tips to Spy on Your Followers and Give Them What They Want

SMMjuliet2016 social media marketingMost technological-savvy bloggers see social media as a marketing tool, which indeed it is, but they also tend to give their opinions when it comes to outward expression; they see it as merely a means for getting their personal messages seen by the general public. However, one of the strongest functions of social media marketing is about gathering inbound information.


1. Streamline your Focus

One of the most effective things you can do to corner your chosen market is narrow your gaze-specifically, prioritize. Where should you be focusing your attention?
Who’s most likely to want what you have to offer? Who do you think will follow your blog and actively engage with you? Take into consideration age, gender and geographical location. After you’ve pinpointed the above criteria, you need to find out where they spend most of their time. Are they active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube?

For example, if your niche relies heavily on Facebook, find online groups, join them and become part of the conversation. Groups are an ideal place to build credibility, as well as a place to pitch your ideas. Your strategic planning should include a consistent dose of social media combined with other marketing techniques to reach your target audience.

2. Content Planning Made Easy

Every action you take on social media platforms should be part of a much larger marketing strategy, not just your social media marketing strategy. Simply put, every Tweet, comment, like or reply should be driven by a plan heading towards your pre-determined goals. Although it might sound complex, if you take the necessary time to create a sound social media plan, all of your social media efforts will follow naturally.

3. Why is Social Listening So Important?

Marketers who know how to blog, listen to social media conversations. They gain invaluable insight that helps them gauge who is saying what about their brand, how often it’s being said and where the conversation is taking place. With all of this information, it’s possible to devise a map of influences that focuses on specific groups who have an interest in your chosen niche. By keeping track of what’s going on within your target audience, you’re are better able to improve your social media content by leveraging topics and creating customized content to optimize your PPC and SEO strategies.

4. Identify Influencers

Even the juiciest of social media content will be wasted if it’s not being seen. Promoting yourself through social channels is the bare minimum you can do for content promotion. If you really want to up the ante and go viral, reach out to powerful influencers. Not only do they know how to blog, but they can boost your visibility by leaps and bounds.

5. Use Relevant Hashtags

Use a hashtag tool such as to find trending hashtags. You can then use these in your posts to reel in new followers who are searching for those chosen hashtags.

Social media listening tools are designed to help you find out whose voice is most relevant and respected among your target audience. By utilizing them, you will be able to determine who is the most active, what their impact score is and how often people are engaging with them.

No matter what your target market is, people are going to talk. So, it’s important to give them the option to talk with you on their social media platform of choice and maintain a presence there.

Do you do any of these? Share in the comments below how listening in on your audience has helped your social media marketing strategy. Thank you.

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