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5 Tips & Tricks for Increasing Brand Awareness for Your Small Business

Hey.  You there.  Yeah, you.  Who are you?” –Prospective Client


That’s right.  That’s the conversation consumers have in their mind when they stumble upon a new company they haven’t heard of in the past.  Everyone has the brands they love and are loyal to, which is great, but wouldn’t it be even better if YOUR brand was the one they were in love with and loyal to?


That leaves a huge question on the table – how do I promote my small business?

Come with me a learn a few tips and tricks that will help get your small business competing with the big guys successfully.  There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel.  If someone else has a way of doing things that has been proven successful, why not try it?


1. Referral Programs

Referral programs are a great way to bring business in.  People are more likely to trust a brand that they’ve been told to trust.  According to Extole, “Word of mouth is the primary factor behind 20-50% of purchasing decisions” (2018).  Why go with a company you’ve never heard of instead of a well-established brand?  It doesn’t make sense.  Use your resources!  Those who have explicitly told you that they were happy to do business with you are the people you want to keep close to you and use to bring in more business.  Also, remember to thank those who have helped you grow your business with customer appreciation tactics.  Don’t let it go unnoticed that someone went out of their way to say something nice about your business.


2. Pay-Per-Click Advertising

You’ve definitely heard of this before.  Maybe you know it as cost per click?  Either way, this is the calculation of how much your advertising costs.  Are people clicking on your ads?  Are they staying longer than half-a-second?  This is where your keywords come into play.  Using search terms, advertisers are able to place your ads accordingly to ensure that they’re seen, up-close and personal.  Get started on this!  Just by opting-in to do PPC ads, you’re already competing with others in your industry.  There’s an actual bidding process when it comes to making sure your company’s ad is the first one on the page.  According to Wordstream, “this means that advertisers must bid on the terms they want to “trigger,” or display, their ads” (2018).


3. Get Influencers to Promote You

Find someone with a large following.  Someone who people listen to- for whatever reason.  Someone who knows what to say to get people to take action.  Find these people and ask them to promote your brand.  They’ll share your content and by default, people who like this particular influencer will more than likely check out your brand.  Look for those influencers that have a high engagement with their followers. According to Bryan Robinson, “check out their shares and comments so that you can gauge how likely it is that the promotion of your product will work with them” (2017).


4. Use Branded Packaging & Keep Consistent

The goal is to have people knowing who you are without much effort on your part.  Take the Starbucks brand, for example.  Ever look at what the logo used to look like versus what it is now?  Insane, right?  That’s because people began to recognize their logo to a point where the wording wasn’t even necessary.  Create your branding style guide.  Own it and stay with it.  If you know who you are and you keep consistent, others will know who you are, too.


5. Understand Your Unique Offering & Focus on Differentiation

Why would someone pick you over the big guys, or any other small fish, for that matter?  What makes you so special?  There has to be something that sets you apart.  Do your research and truly understand why people would be more interested in trying your business and make that point known in your marketing.  It should be a prominent point on your website, your social media accounts, and outgoing communications.  Ensure that people know why you’re the only solution.


Going from being a nobody to a somebody isn’t easy.  It won’t happen overnight and that’s okay!  But there are certain ways to help increase the likelihood that you will make it big-time with a proven success rate.  Keep pushing forward!

Good luck!


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