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5 Useful tips for Social Media Marketing in the Non-Profit Sector

Social Media has become a daunting tool to market on. Companies all across the world are taking the plunge into social media because it is a great tool that 77% of the US population is utilizing! With that percentage of people viewing and interacting with content it’s no wonder all these companies are pushing content out left and right!

should be no different! Utilizing social media in tandem with other marketing
tools they can increase exposure and build a larger following. How exactly does
a non-profit organization do this? Here are 5 helpful tips for social media
marketing for non-profits:

Choose a Platform that best fits your Non-Profit

Prior to generating content and diving into a strategy, it is important to identify and establish which platforms would be best for your non-profit. For instance, Facebook and Twitter are great ways to instantly connect and communicate with your target audience, while Instagram is a great way to share visual (photos and videos) content that can grab the attention of the target audience. Focusing on two platforms and building killer content for those will increase odds of success rather than posting minimally on all platforms. Check out the video below for even more information!

Take the time to Research

Do you really know your target audience? Do you think you
know all there is to know about social platforms? Think again. Take the time to
research and dive deeper into your target audience.  This article has
great tips in researching your target audience. Find out what platforms they
use the most, what content do they interact with, what are some other companies
they follow. Putting in the time to research will help in better developing the
overall campaign.

Define what your non-profit does

This might seem like an obvious statement, but sometimes you just need a reminder. Nothing is worse than going to a website and not knowing what the company does or sells. Making this obvious on the landing page of the website, as well as, on social media will help in keeping the attention of the target audience.

Engage your Audience

Have you ever gotten annoyed when you posted a comment or
question for a company and no one ever answers you? This can deter your target
audience from interacting again or donating/purchasing from your non-profit. Interacting
and commenting aren’t the only ways to engage. By having a call to action in
your posts, it invites the audience to comment, share, and even post content of
their own to generate an even further reach.

Include a visual in every post

Having a visual in all the posts will give a greater chance at it resonating with the audience. Users are quickly scrolling through their news feed and really will only stop for something that is engaging and will fulfill their need to watch what is going to happen or investigate an image. Without a visual your post will quickly be scrolled past and forgotten and we sure don’t want that! Check out this Ted Talk below on how visuals affect our minds, it proves how important visuals truly are!

And there you have it! 5 tips to stepping up your social
media game!

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