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5 Ways To Stand Out Across Social Media Content

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Social Media Tips For a World Suffering From ‘Content Shock’

In a digital world, there is so much social media content we can go into “content shock.” According to Nielsen, our content consumption has risen to approximately 11 hours per day! It can be hard to stand out and reach your target audience with so much competition. But with these tips, you can stand out among the noise and build a strong following.

1. Develop a Recognizable, Distinctive Style

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Your social media is a window into your content, so ensuring it is seamless for viewers is key. Color palettes, filter presets, and content should all flow together and create a seamless image. This allows your reader to smoothly transition between pages and images knowing what they will be seeing.

2. Aim for Authenticity, Over Perfection

When you post, be real! You’re a real person so your content should reflect that! No one wants to read a blog where everything is perfect and an Instagram where every picture is perfectly curated. Don’t be afraid to show your personality and be real when you write and when you post your pictures.

3. Create Quality Social Media Content

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The best way to prevent content shock is to post quality content. Develop blog articles that provide value to your target audience, post photos and link to the products used. These value adding moments give your audience something to take with them and to use. Value added content can create a much stronger community around your personal brand.

4. Stay Consistent With a Posting Schedule

Maintain the delicate balance between oversharing and ghosting your followers, with a consistent posting schedule. This consistency will be what your followers rely on to get that content you’re creating! This is a key point to ensure you are posting enough to maintain a constant presence, but not spam your followers with too much information.

5. Engage With Your Social Media Audience

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Talk to people! Creating a conversation with your content should be you goal- getting people to talk to you is a great way to get them interested and excited about your brand. And then drive them to your pages and potentially gain a new follower!

Other Social Media Content Tips From Experts to Break Through the Content Shock

Incorporating the five tips for standing can help your brand break through the noise and create strong community of brand advocates! Here is some other advice from experts to help you develop your voice and stand out across social media:

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