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5 Ways to Utilize Hootsuite for Non-Profit Organizations

5 Ways to Utilize Hootsuite for Non-Profit Organizations

Basic Information on Social Media

Social media is a tricky to keep up with and with all
the new changes, it doesn’t make it any easier. The first question is why does
my non-profit organization need social media? Well there are plenty of reasons
but the main one is exposure. Exposure helps get more people to help your cause
and to inform current customers of new ventures. But how do you maintain all
this exposure and make sure you are posting on time? Well… this is when
Hootsuite comes in.

Basic Information on Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a tool for social media that makes social
media easier to use and easier to plan posts ahead of time. They are a tool
that allows for users to schedule postings on multiple different social media
sites. This allows for you to have more time creating your post and ensuring it
is being posted at the correct time for your idea. It also gives you analytics
that are helpful to find out which posts had more engagement and exposure and
which ones didn’t.

Top Reasons why to use Hootsuite (in
no order)

  • Get ahead of the game

Hootsuite is meant to be able to post social media
posts on a schedule. It allows you to choose what day, time, and where you want
your post posted. This is important because not having a schedule and just
posting to post something can come across unprofessional and make your
non-profit seem unreliable. Being able to take time and think it through with a
team to create the date and time of the post will allow for everything to come
together cleanly.

  • Track analytics

Analytics helps you understand what went well and what
needs work. This will also allow for you to see what posts need to be removed,
just in case anything majorly bad happens. Analytics also lets you see
different trends on social media. It will give you a scale of when your posts
were really trending and when your posts are not getting the attention you need
them to get. This will help change your style or help push more posts out at
the correct time that the analytics tells you to.

  • Engage with your audience easier

You can see all comments on your posts through
Hootsuite! This makes it a lot easier to read and engage with your audience.
Engagement is important to customers because they want to feel like they are
being heard just like you do with your postings. Making sure to answer
questions through social media, and just thanking people who comment, will help
show that you do care and want people to feel like they need to help your

  • Educate about your cause

Hootsuite makes it easier to show your cause to a
wider audience on all social media. They have classes on how to use Hootsuite
and how to better educate with your postings. Hootsuite is very helpful in the
fact that they want to assist in making your business more connected with
social media.

  • 50% off Hootsuite!

Finally, Hootsuite is here to help non-profits with
social media. They offer 50% off their services if you are a non-profit, which
makes it such a good platform. They have tons of case studies on different
non-profits that have benefited from Hootsuite and the use of social media. These
show that Hootsuite is the way to go if you are new to social media or just
want that edge up to help grow your business more.

Linked are the different Case Studies:


            Hootsuite is there to help your
non-profit organization on learning, using, and growing your business with
social media. Utilizing what Hootsuite has to offer will help grow your
non-profit organization on social media.


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