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ABCs of business blogging

iPad with alphabet noodles - ABCs of business blogging - a linguistic style primer

Importance of linguistics to business

ABCs of business blogging – In order to write and express a thought with words, many civilizations had to come up with symbols and signs that later developed into alphabets and different forms of expressing the written word. The study surrounding this field is known as linguistics and it is more than important to your business. The four most utilized alphabets in the recent, or modern age that we are aware of today are the Latin, Greek, Hebrew and Arabic alphabets all which descended from the Phoenician abjad.

What is important to understand about English as a written language is that the English language contains a certain amount of strict rules that every writer needs to be aware of. Even more so important than that is that the English language is capable of expressing immense emotion because of the flexibility that writers of the language have in expressing meaning.

For basis, every English business writer should be able to differentiate between their, there and they’re. Good and well is resonated in the emphatic and proper use of grammar literature across the English educational system. Is the customer doing good? or is the customer doing well? has been pondered in many marketing and even executive meeting from LA to New York. How about the proper usage of were, we’re, wore and we are?

While this article is not set on providing a crash course on English grammar, adverbs, linking verbs, adjectives and all the fun things linguists do for a living, its main purpose is to raise awareness of the capabilities that linguistics can offer in growing your small business or business of any size for that fact.

Bringing up the topic of localization is also important or as the British would write “localisation”. This is one topic of the marketing mix that has a great influence on the way content is created, produced and published.

A little bit of linguistics history

What is it that caused localizations amongst alphabets and language in general? The general perspective is that each side of the world since the 2 millennia BCE had its own writing style in order to codify the importance of their traditions, cultural happenings and civilization in general. Yet, more importantly, to write bills. When markets started to develop in places across the globe, people, merchants specifically, had no choice but to write either a ledger or a bill of goods sold in order to keep track of the economic activities that they took part in.

Too or Two? How many ounces of gold…

These findings further connect the importance of linguistics to business. Too or Two? How many ounces of gold would you want to purchase?

Notable tools to improve writing

While grammar tools may not help you in crafting an artistic writing style they will generally improve your writing and point out any mistakes that may diminish your credibility as a writer. One of my favorite tools when it comes to grammar is Grammarly. The free version of Grammarly will drastically improve your writing and bring to your attention major grammar mistakes. Also, for all of those looking to improve the visibility of an online business blog post or article Small SEO Tools is a great set of SEO applications offered 100% free. What can be better than one hundred percent free?

ABCs of business blogging – a linguistic style primer

So when you do decide it’s time to take linguistics into consideration when writing your next business proposal or your business blog article, consider this: It’s always better to start with two cents and some sense than no cents and no sense.

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