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Adapting Business in the Time of COVID-19

It’s no secret that life is far from normal as we maneuver through the COVID-19 times. More than ever, businesses, especially small businesses, are having to change their entire business models and find creative ways to draw in new customers. 

Luckily for businesses, there’s one thing that has increased through these COVID-19 times, people who are stuck and bored at home spending more time on social media than ever. So how can your business capitalize on this?

A business owner opening back up during the early stages of COVID-19 reopening

Attention grabbing headlines

Grab your followers’ attentions with “loud” happy headlines like “We’re Back” or “We’re So Excited to See You.” Just from these couple of words, followers see that they are able to visit you again as states phase out more restrictions. 

Be Positive

In this time, the world is in such uncertainty and there is so much negativity in the world, especially on social media. It is so important that businesses are being as positive as can be even if things aren’t feeling that way. Positivity is contagious and a positive message draws followers in and is definitely a great change for their newsfeeds. Show your appreciation, be excited to hear from your followers and encourage everyone to stick together. Forming this type of community only makes the bonds with customers stronger. They feel connected and feel as if they are being uplifted by your message. 

Business Guidelines

Online ordering has become larger than life during this time. Personally, my building installed a large bookcase just for all of the packages during this time. The Amazon guy comes twice a day now. Small businesses have quickly learned that having an online store available is extremely important as many people still aren’t comfortable being in stores yet, if they’re even open. A great way to draw attention to these stores is through Facebook posts with links to the store, but more importantly, having a swipe up in business’s Instagram stories that lead directly to the store, or for restaurants, to the online ordering platform. Convenience is key.

It’s time for customer service to take center stage and engage with followers. Create that loyalty to will surpass this difficult time and come out stronger than ever. 

This is far from a comprehensive list so think and get creative! Have Zoom calls with your customers, go live behind the scenes… these creative things are great to have even when we’re not in a pandemic. 

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What creative things has your company done during these COVID-19 times? Share with us in the comments!

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