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All Social Media Platforms Are Not Created Equal

social media platformsDoes any one company or entity need to have an account on all the social media platforms? The answer is no. It makes far better sense to choose one, at most two, platforms to post entries and engage followers. Choosing the right social media platforms is where difficulty comes into play. At first glance, it could be easy to think multiple accounts automatically equal double the amount of followers. Not true. The same way unsolicited print material is snail mailed and thrown away by consumers, the same exact posts on every social platform will get overlooked and unshared. It is far better to choose one social network and use it purposefully and consistently.  To do so one would need to understand what each of the major platforms are best utilized for.

Overview of the Major Social Media Platforms

  • Facebook: For building a broad online presence
  • LinkedIn: For providing useful insights to people thinking about their work, seeking to make business connections, or looking for their next job
  • Pinterest: For highly visual industries with customers who will naturally seek to express themselves through images
  • Twitter: For up to date timely insights on news and main events
  • Instagram: Also for visual industries and can be a good choice for certain market targets.

The questions that need to be asked before finally deciding on a social media platform are 1) what is the unique purpose of this platform, 2) does this platform’s attributes relate to business needs, 3) which target audience does this platform actually serve, and lastly 4) how much time on this network is necessary to have the best impact? When these questions have been researched and answered, then any size company or entity can begin to carve their space into the social world.

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