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Are You Listening?

How Social Listening Can Help You Grow Your Business

What is Social Listening?

Social Listening is the practice of a business monitoring their social media pages to see how their customers and audience perceive them. It is a way for users to monitor keywords and mentions of your business so you can understand your target audience, find potential leads, and engage more with your audience. Social listening can be a great way for you to understand your industry better like what is popular and how to position your business for what you audience is looking for.

Why is Social Listening Important?

By using social listening as part of your social media plan, you will be able to know what others are saying about your business. Whether it is good or bad, it is important to be able to engage with all conversations. If a comment is negative, it gives you a chance to resolve the situation with the consumer before it effects the rest of your audience. Without social listening you risk the chance of negative comments being said without your knowledge. A good company would want to be given a chance to respond back. Positive comments give you a chance to engage with your audience.

How do you Social Listen?

Social listening is easy. You just want to monitor your social media site comments and engagement. Make sure you are listening everywhere, every social media channel that is used. How can you listen to every channel? Most social media platforms have alerts that can let you know when someone comments on a post of mentions your business but there are other tools that will help make it easier and make sure nothing is missed.
Hootsuite is a great tool to not only help you organize your social media posts but also help with your social media listening. With this tool dashboards can be set up to alert you to any mentions of your company name. This can help you track who is talking about you and what they are saying.
Google Alert and Google My Business are two other tools that are helpful for social listening. Google alert will alert you to anytime your business is mentioned online while Google My Business will keep an eye on any reviews your business receives on Google. This allows you to be able to respond to reviews in a timely manner. Consumers appreciate companies that respond quickly to consumers and will remember the ones that engage regularly with customers.
While these tools will help you with your social listen make sure you are ready to act when needed. Be prepared to change courses. Is your social media not working? Consumers not responding positively. It might be time to try a new tactic.

What Effect Do Competitors Have?

Don’t just monitor you own social media. Monitor your competition. Why? Because it is the best way to learn. Set up alerts so you can see what consumers are saying about these other companies. If they are positive, what are they doing right? Is it something you should be doing or is there another way to get consumers attention that you haven’t thought of yet? If the talk is negative, then what are they doing wrong? Are you making the same mistakes? Change what you are doing.
When we talk about the importance of social media marketing, we seem to forget about listening. By just spending a little extra time to put these tools in place you are giving yourself a head start on the competition to learn more about your customers and what you need to do to be successful.

Have you used social media listening in the past? Let me know how it has helped you and your business.

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