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Bakers! Here’s how TikTok can make you some dough

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POV: You use TikTok to boost your small business

Dancing. Challenges. Skits. TikTok is the Jack of all trades of apps. Formerly, TikTok has transitioned from a fun app to lip-sync to music, to a launching pad for small businesses. Recently, TikTok has become a space for many small businesses to flourish and level up their marketing game. With your unique content and engagement within the community/app itself, you can bring more awareness to your business.

What about local Businesses?

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Using TikTok for your business can open yourself up to the big wide world. Even if right now you want to focus on your local customers, TikTok can still be an incredible tool for both customers and you. Customers tend to turn to resources that they trust to determine if a product or business is worth their time. Mostly they will turn to friends and family but also social media. Having an engaging channel like TikTok can give potential customers a better idea about who you are and what you’re about.

For example, say you bake for your business, using your TikTok to show behind the scenes videos of the process, completing orders for customers, or even having fun with a viral trend can humanize your business, give an insight on your work, and give you cool points! TikTok would also be a cost-effective marketing tool for a beginning small business owner to use. You don’t need to be shelling out hundreds of dollars to create professional ads or strategies. All you need is your creativity and passion for what you do. Plus, by listening to and engaging with your audience through TikTok, you can not only get them involved but keep it lively for yourself as well.

Ok fine, what can you do for me TikTok?

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TikTok is all about interaction and engagement. But you don’t have to come up with all the ideas yourself, or constantly push out content to stay relevant. Here are some ways TikTok can work for you:

1. Open prompts

GET. YOUR. AUDIENCE. INVOLVED! There are so many ways to get your audience involved that would be both fun and show your skills to potential customers. For example, you can set up polls on flavors, color of icing, and styles of cakes that users can vote on. Even if it turns out horribly, it was a cake your audience had a hand in making. It gives you a chance to practice and show your versatility while also getting your audience involved in the content. If it turns out good or people want to try it themselves, you can mention any upcoming local events that you will be at where they can purchase the “TikTok cake”.

2. Trends and Filters

Trending filters can get your content viewed by more people. For example, there was a trending filter where users let a filter choose their makeup look. You could do something similar but with flavors, icing, and style and bringing your audience along for the results. Trends can also help bring attention to your page. While, you don’t have to dance (but honestly why wouldn’t you want to) there are other trends to participate in that can get you noticed. Some of these are point of view prompts, showing past works versus what you do now, and making meme cakes. This could also lean into discussing controversial topics (I’m looking at you cake gate). Bakers everywhere gained massive attention for giving their opinion on the drama and recreating the infamous cake. This can lead to more followers but is absolutely not necessary.

3. Influencers and Reviews


The Pink Potato taste test ? would you try it ? ? #foodcritic

? original sound – Keith Lee

Video by Keith_lee125 on TikTok

Influencers are a great way to get your business, both international and local, out there. You could stitch/duet their videos, where you clip their video for a reaction or response, or directly collaborate with them. Sometimes they just find you and feature your business as their content. TikToker Keith Lee did just that by ordering from small businesses and giving his opinion on their products. Though many viewers may be not near the small business, those who are in the area might try it out because of his TikTok. Utilize your community to help spread the word about your business. Make connections!

TL;DR TikTok can help, look into it!

The landscape of social media marketing is changing. “Silly apps” are becoming launching pads for many business owners, writers, and artists. Now, more than ever before, customers and online users have a greater impact on the success of business. While TikTok may not be the end-all-be-all of your marketing needs, it can certainly get your foot in the door. Don’t assume that making a Facebook business page is enough. Be an active contributor to your business success by keeping your page alive. Post lively content and engage, engage, engage! So, what’s your small business? How will you utilize TikTok, or any social media, to boost your business? Let’s discuss down below!

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