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Blog DO’s and DON’TS on Social Media

“Blog DO’s and DON’TS on Social Media”

Have you ever wanted to create a blog but you aren’t quite sure where to begin or what to avoid? You are not alone! Let’s talk about the Blog DO’s and DON’TS on Social Media.

It is important to address some common DO’s and DON’TS that will not only encompass some good habits to have as a blogger on social media, but also what to avoid to be more successful.

While building and creating a blog, you know what you should not be doing to avoid any audience misunderstanding.

Word of Advice
I will stress, be yourself and own it. If you’re confident and bring your own personality to the blog, people are more likely to gravitate toward your content and come back for more. In your case, we want to get more donations, so let’s go over how this can happen.

• Write content that is helpful and promotes action.
• Post consistently and frequently
• Leave your mark and be authentic in the content you provide.
• Build strong relationships
• Be/Stay Positive
• Be informational and share valuable information/resources
• Use of headings and organization for easy to follow content
• Break up text- use pictures and videos etc.
• Be YOU. Provide your voice and connect.

• Plagiarize/Steal content
• Share your knowledge
• Make it a fun and informational read

Know your Cause and Believe in it

We are human, there is no perfect blog, and THAT’S OKAY. But let’s grow together!

As a non-profit blogger, it’s good to know what to avoid to best maximize potential reach with blog posts. This provides different insight to those of you at any skill level of blog creation and allows you the opportunity to avoid what should not be done to have a successful blog post and successful non-profit campaign.

Here’s an article I found helpful:


Bloggers and non-profit related bloggers want to grow because with many Marketing efforts, trends are constantly changing and evolving so it is important to keep up with how to best utilize the tools you have.

For example, “many digital marketers still wonder why they’re not getting the traffic they want to their blogs. The problem may lie in how effective they market their blog content.” (Gregorio)

Growing as a blogger in the non-profit realm will allow you to reach larger audiences. Who doesn’t want to grow their potential and have more of an impact on their community?

If you know what to do and not to do, you’re more likely to get the attention and traffic you’re looking for. It is easy to become discouraged, “A lot of new bloggers get discouraged and give up, because they have not done any groundwork before starting a blog and really don’t know what to expect.” (Sharma)

That’s why I’m here to help with these starting tips. Let’s get started on the right foot!

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