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Branching Out: Getting your Social Media Marketing into the Right Hands

By Shatoya Cantrell

Social media marketing can be tough for small business owners. You wear multiple hats in your business whether it is managing the budget and maintaining the production of products.

However, all that multi-tasking can be overwhelming and keeping up with the new social media features can be confusing.

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This article “Why Small Business is Using Social Media Less!” explains why small businesses have drifted away from social media marketing.

I met with two business partners that have an event planning company. They are looking for someone to manage their social media pages. They know little about interacting on social media and don’t have the time and budget to create content that will push out their next two events.

I’m new with social media marketing myself, but I have gained enough knowledge help out. As we laughed and joked during the meeting, I told them “You guys need to think about getting a team together.” They shook their heads in agreement and the brainstorming started.

Debunking the myth for small business owners

Some marketing gurus point out how hard it is for a small business owner to develop a marketing team. However, these issues are exactly why you need to create positions to fulfill the needs within your marketing vision.

This article “Five Reasons your Small Business Needs Social Media Marketing” explains how beneficial social media can be for small business.

Low Budget? Try this option:

There are cost effective ways to add individuals to the staff. For instance, some companies create unpaid internship positions in exchange for gaining experience on the job.

To know what to look for in a candidate, consider this article “What Companies Want in a Media Intern” to help guide small business owners to selecting great team members.

So what areas do you need to focus on when trying to find those individuals to join your team?

This post will focus on four areas within the marketing team that you should consider including on their staff.

Social Media

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Being actively involved on various social media platforms is beneficial in keeping up with what is happening online. For instance, they will upload posts, engage with users, and keep users updated on brand news.


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This person knows how to sell an idea to an audience and use ideas that will help promote the brand. Marketers must maintain the business objectives in their messaging and grabs the audience’s attention.


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This individual has some graphic design background and can help create images, videos or other media to be used in the promotion. Great content influences consumer behavior.


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This person must monitor and gather information based on data collected from social media platforms. As a result, this helps small businesses learn how effective their campaigns are and which platforms are garnering the most engagement.


These four areas in social media marketing are vital because they help small businesses bring awareness to their brand and establish an online presence.

So, are you ready to eliminate that pressure? Are there other areas in social media marketing that you think should be fulfilled in your small business? Share your thoughts and don’t forget to like the post!

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