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Branding: Creating A Business Identity

You’ve got your idea. You know what you want to do. You have almost all of the components of your business together. So what’s next? Much like you out your best foot forward and dress to impress for a job interview, branding must be an important consideration in determining the value that customers assign to your brand. Creating a memorable brand can be accomplished with….. Whether it is a professional branding kit like it using professionals, branding is a step that should not be overlooked.

Oberoi states that branding “isn’t just choosing a logo or pickling the perfect name. The right brand is the product of various interconnected factors, all designed to change how people think and feel about your business. So what are the ingredients that yield a memorable brand? Each company has its own unique make up but there are some essential key elements

  1. The name
  2. The company story
  3. The Company Mission Statement
  4. Brand Position
  5. Brand Uniqueness*
  6. Company Motto
  7. Visual Elements: Logo, Colors, Graphics

I made up number five. Arguably, the purpose of a brand is to create uniqueness. Yet what makes Pepsi different than Coke? The flavors are not different enough to make a major difference. There are plenty of cola competitors. The difference is that Pepsi has taken great pains to differentiate its brand with an intentional contrast to the popular Coca-Cola brand. For example, they use blue to contrast Coca-Cola’s trademark red. Why? I think that Pepsi does not want to be seen as an alternative to Coke. Over the years the companies have branched out in several directions furthering differentiating themselves. This is the power of brand. It can be argued that Coke and Pepsi are marketing almost identical products, yet they use branding to create strong loyalties in the mind of consumers. Amazon is another company. They have taken great care to brand themselves in a memorable way. The trademark Amazon smiles are known worldwide.

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