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Calendars Help Launch Successful Social Media Campaign

Creating a calendar to use for social media marketing can be crucial to the success of a campaign. Having a place to track ideas, manage the content writers, keep track of dates, and keep track of where all of the content has been posted across all the networks will help keep the wheels in motion. (Cleary, 2014)


9-SM-social-media calendars

(AdPublishing, 2013)

A calendar serves as a plan for producing regular content, either written or media, at regular intervals. The pace is set to the users liking – i.e. monthly, weekly, daily – since they will be the ones to either succeed or fail based on its pace. Creating a calendar has also been shown to help reduce the occurrence of writers block, reactivity, and forgetfulness.

Calendars tips for scheduling, posting, content management

In order to create a calendar that works for you, it is important to take these few tips into consideration.

1) Create a calendar that works with your learning style. If you are a visual learner – use paper or a digital calendar. If you are an aural learner – create a voice memo/recording of the upcoming schedule. If you are a read/write learner – create a chronological list with dates.

2) Create and coordinate a monthly and an annual calendar. Having an annual calendar will help tie seasons or holidays to the content together. It is also a way to ensure no double-booking or missed dates happen. By matching two calendars up, it’s like using a second set of eyes to catch any mistakes or help make suggestions to better manage the time you have.


(AdPublishing, 2013)

3) While using WordPress, use the editorial calendar plugin. Access to the calendar with a click of a button can display your daily to do list, making sure that you are on the right track when you sit down in front of the computer.



4) Color Code your Calendar! Use different colors for audio, video, or written content. Choose to highlight different social networks. For visual learners, this tip can really help!

5) Include the CTA’s (Calls to Action) on the calendar. For each post, designate an area to include what the CTA will be. For example, if you are creating your calendar in excel, in each row will be a date, post and then a CTA column to correspond. (See example below)

Date Post Title CTA
10/7/14 How to Create an Editorial Calendar Download Template of Calendar

6) Learn to think outside the box! Linear thinking can be boring while blogging. Think in terms of seasons, holidays, events, contests, money, product launching, or sales. This will help keep the audience entertained and engaged.

7) Make managerial decisions for the calendar. Decide who is in charge of updating, posting, changes to the schedule, etc. Even if it is just you working on the calendar, this creates a way to keep yourself accountable for the calendar and creates a clear set of ground rules if you ever do pass the reigns to someone else!

8) PLAN YOUR KEYWORDS. Using specific sets of words in your social media posts will help align your blog and your products as well as help people find you!

9) Find Inspiration – Engage with fans and followers to learn what they are most interested in. Find and follow other companies similar to yours and see what they are doing.

10) Finally — Stick with it! Stay active and focused. The process may be slow at the start, but, finding the right schedule, strategy, and content will help you succeed


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