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Call-To-Action, 3 Powerful Reasons It Can Help Small Businesses.

call to action

What is a call-to-action? Sprout Social describes a call-to-action (CTA) a prompt on your website that asks users to take a specific action. Persuading the viewer take some type of action. This is a great way to generate conversions and ultimately boost sales. The Journal of Electronic Commerce Research illustrated that when a brand’s page utilizes a call to action feature, users will perceive more compared to the scenario lacking a call to action on the brand page. Specifically, small businesses that are looking to build their brand will need to encourage viewers to sign up for their email lists or purchase a product they are promoting. Think of a call-to-action as an “employee” making a suggestion to the viewer. Viewers need some type of direction on what to do next. However, if the “employee” is not present the viewer will more than likely leave without any engagement.

Let’s explore 3 ways a call to action can help small businesses.

1. CTA Can Boost Conversion Rates

Conversions are defined as generating leads through a high marketing funnel, and they have a significant potential to bring more revenue to your business. Additionally, CTA is undoubtedly an important part of the conversion rate. It helps track the percentage of users who take the desired action. This is a great KPI that can be included in the marketing strategy to build brand awareness. The small business that includes CTA on the brand’s social media sites will start to see its conversion rate go up.

What type of call to action could you include on social media content?

Try these calls to action to boost your conversion rate.
  • Sign up for our newsletter
  • Download free templates
  • Get your free instant quote
  • Shop top beauty finds

If you want to go the extra step, data collected by Good Man Creatives showed a whopping 200% increase in conversion rate when the CTA’s were personalized. Dropbox does a great job of this by asking the viewer for their name and email address. Lastly, this will help personalize emails when they are sent out. Making the email more personalized.

2. CTA Can Grow Your Email Subscriber

Collecting customer emails is a great way to start creating an effective email marketing campaign. Email campaigns are a great way to generate leads, strengthen relationships with customers, and help businesses acquire new customers. The first step is to ask viewers to provide their contact information will give the brand a way of collecting information to utilize for later campaigns.

How To Encourage Viewers To Sign Up.

Use call to action to encourage viewers to click through and provide their contact information

  • Learn more
  • Read more
  • Keep reading
  • Get the app

Next, be creative and use a phrase that is relatable to your brand encouraging users to sign up for your email list. The brand Hija De Tu Madre did a great job with its email call-to-action. Compared t the typical newsletter, they use a new trending term “tea” enticing the viewer to follow through. This option makes the action unique. Lastly, they also used a combination of English and Spanish which is a big part of the brand’s approach.

3. Call To Action Can Boost Sales

Adding CTAs that encourage visitors to purchase your products will help boost businesses’ over sales. Visitors need to be reminded of what to do next. If there is no call-to-action button to purchase products the sale is lost. Remember to be persuasive commanding the user’s attention.

Call To Actions To Boost Sales

  • Start saving today
  • Don’t delay. Save now.
  • See your hand-selected deals
  • Get 50% off now
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