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Can you Increase Organic Traffic for Small Businesses?

Organic Traffic for Small Business

Proper SEO can Drive Organic Traffic to Your Small Business

Organic traffic to your smalll business website is very important. Creating content to drive organic traffic can be done quicker and easier if proper search engine optimization (SEO) is used. The down fall of many small business websites is they don’t know how to properly do SEO, use keywords, write blog posts, and develop websites that are search engine friendly.

Most people use website builders and try to develop their business websites on their own. That can be tough on business owners. Not having a good business plan or financially stable actually can hurt their business before it ever gets off the ground. Small businesses are vulnerable to this.

They don’t have the money to hire professionals. Some business owners have limited funds. They can only afford to get the website done professionally. The small business owners then don’t know how to maintain the site or publish content.

Another downfall is business owners think they can just do proper SEO for a few months. SEO must be done regularly for it to be effective. It takes search engines 30 days sometimes to pick up content and get it indexed. Especially newer sites that don’t have a lot of age and Google or Bing rankings that are higher.

Don’t forget to Advertise Locally with Quality SEO

Many businesses only worry about ranking in the Bing and Google search engines and forget about localized SEO. Having a storefront or not is not that important. Getting ranked locally will help drive more people to your site, blog or storefront. That will help all the way around in getting better rankings for your website.

Google and Bing search engines are not the only option out there to help small businesses. Reddit, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Amazon, and many others. They all have rankings for Country, State, and locally. Sites need to utilize them. A small business that has a local storefront, like a brick and mortar store, must use local SEO to get any use out of a website. Google My Business is a great place to start along with Facebook and their local markets.

Comments, feedback, or public blog or forum for people to utlize. This will get consumers involved and make your site more interactive. The more ways your consumers can interact with your content or interact with your company the better.

Users feel invested when they feel like they are a part of the process and the really connect with the company. The key is to be as transparent as possible in all aspects of a business and marketing.

Content is King in Organic Traffic

One of small business websites is that their articles and content is not well written. Believe it or not search engine spiders can tell articles that are not grammatically correct. The articles need to be tagged correctly and well written. Confusing and disorganized content can be a turnoff to a lot of users. They need to include photographs, pictures or infographics that are clear and precise.

Content needs to be targeted towards certain demographics to increase traffic and make it easier to attain your set goals. Many businesses try to do many things at one time. Reality has shown that doing one or two things well will increase traffic, business and increase is activity. You have to walk before you can run.

Backlinks are also important. A backlink is simply a link from one website to another. Search engines love these because to them it shows trust that a site has quality information for another site to link back to a certain article, category, or home page.

Backlinks Need to be From the Proper Sites

The more backlinks you can get the better. The key is to get backlinks from quality sites you don’t even know about. That means your website is making strides in quality and content. Asking for backlinks is not always bad, but they don’t help you much as you usually have to reciprocate and they cancel each other out.

As mentioned above the easier it is for consumers, or users, to contact your company the better. The more consumers can interact with each other the better. It is great organic content and you get to know exactly what is on the minds of people searching for your products.

Interactions make your content and ads have a better chance of going viral. The more transparent a company is the easier it is to gain the trust of consumers and users.

Using Google Analytics to Increase Organic Traffic

To start with Google Analytics is a must. It is confusing to start with but with a little practice it gets easier and less confusing. The first thing to learn is keyword search. These are keywords that people are searching for. Google will list them in popularity. Key words are more important than many marketers and business owners think. Choose carefully when selecting key words.

Business owners, or marketers, don’t want to use keywords other sites are ranking with. Key words need to be creative and attention grabbing. Use words that mean the same or are spelled close to ones that rank very high. This will give the website an advantage in those categories. If you are a florist you may want to use “fresh flowers” instead of florist.

Once the keywords are figured out and chosen then learn how to understand where your traffic is coming from. Google Analytics can be tailored to give you any number of results. The results can be general information or detailed information depending on experience with using the product.

Website speed is also important with search engines. SEO that is properly implemented is priority number one. Improving website speed will come next in line. Site speed is more important for sits that depend on an internet storefront or blog than a local store on the town square.

Sites with SEO Tools

The websites above are free to use for a while, some are forever free. Depending on exactly what you need. it is easy to find out exactly how your site is doing with these tools. The instructions above will have you on the road to increasing your traffic and before you know it the increase will be notable.

Search Engine Optimization is not that complicated, it is just a process people have to learn. The tools above will allow business owners, marketers, and bloggers a chance to do this very inexpensive. Following the advice in this article can only help your website as a owner of a small business.

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