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Carrying the weight of the world as an entrepreneur…

Carrying weight

There are days when the weight of the universe takes it’s toll on every fiber of my well being. Days when giving up on everything and everyone seems like the easiest, and sometimes the only answer in the moment. There are days when people who call themselves “friend”, are so much less than that. Those people who ask me consistently how my business is doing / growing, only to go seek someone else’s service without ever considering me as an option.

Those days when no ear can understand the words of pain, if they escaped my lips. No heart could feel the disappointment of not being able to right the wrongs of those closest to me. No hand that could lift me when I’m forced to take a knee, because life reminds me that even Atlas, a God of legend, had to kneel in order to keep from being crushed by the weight of the world. These feelings could result in feelings of failure and shame, while stigma and a need to project a positive brand identity may prevent entrepreneurs from seeking the help that they need.

Those days can come often, or they can come few and far between, and what they bring with them determines if I’ve just been hit by Iron Mike Tyson or Glass Joe. See, most days, we all believe that we live like little Mac. We train hard for the fight of life. We make plans for the future, dream of the big houses, the nice cars, to give our children the things we didn’t have, and hopefully teach them the things we didn’t learn before becoming an adult, but as Iron Mike once said: Everybody’s got a plan until they get punched in the mouth.

Pushing On…

It’s these days that I must remind myself that when I told everyone that I knew how I would be the “evidence”, it wasn’t just about being the evidence when things were going great, when I’m winning awards in an industry that most people call a scam because their fears won’t allow them to seek evidence, but also being the evidence when most people quit. Showing that it’s possible to have your worst days, and still be able to overcome. Sometimes you have to do it alone, and that makes quitting easier, but the joy is in doing the things they say can’t be done.

A rising tide lifts all boats. It’s not until the tide goes out that you realize who’s swimming naked
(Warren Buffett).

When things are going well (e.g., the economy is booming), it is easier to engage in pursuing
one’s business-related goals. However, in stressful economic times when one’s business is negatively impacted
by the economy, goal engagement is more difficult.

I understand it. When you feel silenced, reaching out to others can be hard. Letting others in can be harder, but I promise you this, doing that hard thing can make life so much easier. Sometimes I have to ask myself, Did you eat? I don’t mean food, but did you take in all that you can today? Did you adsorb ideas? Did you share a smile with someone? Are you full off of the positive atmosphere that you should create for others, because you never know who needs it, and what they may be going through. Did you check on your STRONG friends, because sometimes they need someone to help them carry the load. C’mon, ease on down, ease on down the road…..

Pulling my weight…

This is how you get your weight up. My point is, how can I complain about what’s on my plate, when it was my goal to eat? It was my goal to show what I believe a good father can be, although I do fall short. It’s my goal to show those behind me that you can survive the inner city blues. It’s my goal to show the non-believers that the 9-5 life should NEVER be the only way that you exist in this world, and that you can actually get out and live.

I learned to become ok with those moments that forced me to take a knee, because just like in the gym when you’re trying to build muscle, you have to get your weight up. Even on my worse days, I smile, and I work to be stronger than I’ve ever been. For me, being a light for someone else in their darkness, brings light to mine.

If you’re reading this, just know, you’ve survived 100% of the things you thought you couldn’t, and that means you’ve been given another chance to do great things. Go make the rest of your life the best of your life.

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