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Content Curation

Good, smart, fun and relevant content should be at the core of any social media strategy. Great content should reflect your brand and give people a reason to stay engaged.

That’s why it’s critical to build a content strategy into your social media campaign. Without a framework for what you say and a plan for how and when you say it, you risk leaving your audiences confused. You also wouldn’t want your audience to ignore you.Unknown

In order to pick the best content strategy tips, here is a list of what is most relevant (–> content curation ).

1) Know your voice and your brand.

Always sound like what you mean to sound like. If you’re a playful candy company, be playful. If you’re serious, be serious.

2) Time your content.

Create a calendar that spells out what you’re going to say and when you’re going to say it. Make sure it’s relevant to where people are in their lives and the season. Nobody cares about Santa Claus in January, but a whole lot of people care about sales after Christmas. Sites like Google Trends can help with this.

3) Be Personal and Know your audience.

Why does somebody follow you? Why do they like you? It’s because your brand offers them something. Make sure you deliver. Talking directly to your audience with personable responses to those people engaging in the conversation is major bonus points! It makes your audience feel you are being personal to them

4)  Solve Problems.

Give your audience the tools to help themselves, and make sure your social media team has the right information to share. By making things easier for others, we build trust. Trust strengthens our relationship. The customer is always right. Offer the appropriate help that they are seeking.

5) Be True to your audience.

Be fun, honest and relevant. Audiences appreciate real companies. Good content isn’t fake. It doesn’t make promises that it can’t keep. It’s human and honest. It has a personality and a point of view. It’s intrinsically social. That’s why it engages people and that’s why those people follow certain companies and not others.


Why Recycle Old Social Media Content?

Recycling previously published content won’t help save the forests, but it will help your business.

  • It helps you make your online marketing efforts cost-effective.
  • It gives you a break. This is especially helpful if you create content yourself, but can also help even if you have an in-house content team.
  • It gives you the opportunity to reach out to a wider audience. Some people may have missed your post when you first published it. Re-publishing your content lets more people see it.
  • It reminds people of your ideas and may help them see these in a new light. People may have read your post the first time out, but the ideas may have gotten buried underneath more urgent concerns.


Future Implications

With social media landscape forever changing, brands will have to go with the times and get on the same page with their social media campaigns.

1. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING WILL TRANSITION FROM “NICE TO HAVE” TO “MUST HAVE”: Brands that haven’t embraced the channels will understand that social media marketing is not about slapping a brand page on Facebook and hoping for the best. Efforts will start with a sound strategy, a commitment to participate, and a willingness to listen and respond.

2. SOCIAL NETWORKING IS HERE TO STAY: More consumers will use smartphone applications to tell their friends where they are and who they are with. Think Swarm and apps that socially connect based on location.

3. SOCIAL MEDIA BUDGETS ARE KEY: Creating an emerging media budget will give your brand the flexibility to participate in communities and embrace technological platforms before your competitors do.

4. THE VIRTUAL WORLD AND THE PHYSICAL WORLD WILL CONTINUE TO BLUR: Digital technology enables consumers to understand the world around them as well as others. These advancements are accelerated by smartphone usage.

5. CROWD SOURCING WILL TURN SOCIAL MEDIA INTO A DIRECT SALES CHANNEL: Social media is typically thought of as a vehicle for branding and relationship marketing, but there are direct sales opportunities.

This is both a technological advancement as well as a human behavior change. If most humans are using social media to connect, you eventually have to mold yourself with the ever growing technology.


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