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Crush Your Small Business Goals

Marketing is a Process

Every business owner wants to crush their goals the first year. First, there are the basics to consider if it’s a brick and mortar. This includes rent, utilities, and other expenses that deal with maintaining the space. Second is an online platform. The upkeep of the website, landing pages, and expenses for platforms that help with exposure must considered. The common point s the need to connect to a target audience with a genuine voice that aligns to the mission and vision of the organization. This results in small business goals that are crushed yearly.

Marketing is a process to get clients interested in products or services

-Susan Ward

Understanding that there is a process to winning is important for the small business owner. They must be focused on what matters most to their target audience. Above all, the idea is to prioritize the SMART Goals for the small business to match the desired results. 

Connecting to Your Target Market

We connect to the right audience by using our authentic voice. In addition to that we show them why we are in front of them and how it will benefit them long term. 

Why Tell People What You Do When You Can Show Them?

-Jennifer Lonoff Schiff

Creating influential video content will help the business owner connect to an audience and show them how passionate they are about their brand. In addition, they also get to showcase how to use their product to its full potential. Videos help the target audience engage with the brand owners by hearing and seeing the inspiration they have about their brand.

Crush Your Small Business Goals with the Following Video Tips:

  1. Be Yourself – Let your audience connect to the real you. Talk about your background, things you love, the reason you developed the product
  2. Focus – No need for a script but having a solid point or two will keep the audience engaged on what you are trying to achieve
  3. Set the Tone – Create a comfortable atmosphere where the video is being developed
  4. Lights & Sound – Make sure your audience can see you clearly and understand every word by having great lighting and microphones
  5. Relax and enjoy talking to the people who are going to love you, your brand, and and your products/services

In conclusion, check out this YouTube for even more details on creating great video content:

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