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Digital Marketing Professionals in Demand?

Digital Marketing Professionals in Demand or Not?

Social media has created a demand for digital marketing professionals, but how much demand in the next decade?  What technical skills will they need?  SEO or Google Analytics? Where will the demand be the greatest?  And who wants to employ them?  Employment, it’s a good thing!

According to the Digital Marketing Institute, there will be 150,000 digital marketing jobs by 2020, digital marketing salaries are rising and Ireland’s digital economy will soon be worth f21.1 bn.  In fact, LinkedIn did a study of the skills that got people jobs in 2014.

Of the top 25 skills, four of them were directly marketing related. digmkt

#5 — SEO/SEM marketing

#12 — Marketing Campaign Management

#16 — Digital and Online Marketing

#20 — Channel Marketing.

If that isn’t enough to convince you, when Hootsuite’s social media team first started out, we had one person playing the role of social media manager, content creator, and community manager. As our community grew and the need to scale intensified, the roles and responsibilities broke out and a team was born. Growth relies on a fine balance between need, resources, and scalability (Milbrath, 2016).   So now a team of marketing professionals are necessary to manage a marketing channel that didn’t even exist until the early 2000s.

In 2014, LinkedIn did a study of the skills that got people jobs in 2014. Of the top 25 skills, four of them were directly related to marketing including SEO/SEM marketing, marketing campaign management, digital and online marketing, and channel marketing.

Digital Marketing in 2016


So wwherearewehere are we in 2016? Well, according to LinkedIn again several skills categories cooled off in 2015. Specifically, game development and digital and online marketing dropped out of the top 25. (Brooks, 2016).  Has the demand really dropped off or has the demand been met by qualified professionals.  I believe the later because our society is full of well-educated, entrepreneurial go-getters who have figured this out!

In order for a social media campaign to thrive and achieve results it requires a team of people to monitor and measure, create content and strategies, analytics, and SMO/SEO/SEM.  It would be difficult for one individual to wear all those hats!  Depending on your industry, the team may need an attorney too.

To further support my belief that the field of marketing is still growing and has not slowed is, Jane Creaner Glen, Head of Recruitment and HR at the Digital Marketing Institute, who states a lot of companies are still looking for broad digital marketing skills at Manager and Executive level. Although, as the industry matures it is separating out more into specific skills areas, such as content, SEO/SEM, analytics, and social media. (Raeside, 2015)

Anecdotal evidence also suggest growth, just yesterday a search on for digital marketing in Connecticut resulted in one job, today it was three.  What’s going on in your geography? In your industry?  Next time, we will talk about how to get a job in digital marketing, but until then feel free to download this free e-book.


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