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Directing People to Your Non-Profit Using Influencers

Social media is a great tool to use to direct users to a non-profit organization by using viral content that is on-trend and unique, a brand can gain a lot of traction from a well thought out post or something with entertainment value. But the problem is trying to find the time to do that or trying to find the money to hire a celebrity to give the company post “credibility.” Most non-profits, especially starting out do not have extra funds to spend on expensive marketing efforts, so they depend on word of mouth. Word of mouth is the easiest way to gain a loyal group of supporters and followers, but word of mouth does not reach as far as the modern-day worth of mouth, INFLUENCERS. Influencer Marketing is a great tool to grow your Non-Profit business quickly.

Social Media Word of Mouth

Influencer Marketing unlike years past does not have to be a commercial with a celebrity like Jennifer Anniston saying how much she loves this non-profit and why. Influencer Marketing comes in all shapes and sizes and budgets with influencers and micro-influencers on social media platforms. A single photo, fun TikTok, or quick Instagram story can impact thousands of people in minutes. Influencers can reach a wide variety of people of all different ages and interests in a few hours, for a relatively low price for a company with little to no time taken away from the company’s work hours. Often influencers will support non-profit organizations just because they want to give back or like the message since they receive so much and know they can change someone’s life with a simple post. Influencers have created a large group of followers that are specific to their niche, this can be beauty, home decor, lifestyle, fashion, or simply just for entertainment. People look to these people for advice on all aspects of life, they are a modern-day celebrity that users feel connected to because of the ability to communicate with social media through comments and direct messages. This creates a long-lasting connection and trust, which then helps companies grow by working with them on content. They influence us on cars to buy, skincare, and vacation spots so why can’t they advertise for non-profits? Followers for social media influencers are loyal, so finding influencers who believe int he same mission as you and the same purpose of the non-profit it will create a natural real and authentic promotion project.


Influencer Marketing and Content Strategy are key for success and growth, the content your company is posting should be high quality, unique, consistent, and create engagement with your followers. Interactive content is a great way to get to know your users and create a community, a community that takes the time to talk and value what their followers have to say. This can be through polls, hashtags, replying to comments, resharing content, giveaways, sharing stories of the company and successes, and sharing content about people who participate in the non-profit company. Breaking the layer of what a non-profit is seen as “BORING” with letting the followers in and using influencers as content creators. From the outside non-profits always come across very boring, so breaking the layer of what a non-profit is showing how the company works, behind the scenes of the business, the struggles and the successes are so important for growth in this day and age. Users love authentic and informative content, they want to know your brand inside and out. Influencers are the way to guide users to the website and social media, but what the non-profit does with these followers is how the company will grow and surpass their goals.

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