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Do You Know SEO?

You may be a social media marketer, and be engaging to consumers, but what if you find out when monitoring, that no one is engaging back? Maybe they can’t find your website. Maybe they don’t know you exist. Maybe you need to know SEO.

Know SEO

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization are the things you do to make your website rank higher. Everyone should know SEO. Search Engines send out crawlers your site. These crawlers look for specific things to build an index. The more of the good stuff that it is looking for and finds, the higher your ranking will be on the search engine. Ranking is the order websites appear to the viewer when they type something in to find.

When a website is created, it must be submitted to the search engine for them to index. You can do that through Google, here or Yahoo, which is powered by Bing, here.

When You Know SEO You Take These Steps to Improve Your Ranking



Keywords are unique words designated to be instantly retrievable in SEO. They should be placed in headers, subheaders, in URLs, alt-tags, meta descriptions, the beginning of title tags, in the first sentence of an article and throughout. They shouldn’t be embedded in images, forms, and javascript because this is not crawler readable material. They should however, be used throughout your content, without excess. Keywords should always use the most common spelling of the words.


Content should be new, exciting, and sharable for excellent SEO. It should not be duplicated using different URLs, as the content ends up ranking poorly. If a website has multiple pages ripe with good content, and it can be combined into one page, that page has the likelihood of obtaining a much higher ranking.

Meta Descriptions

Another great way to Search Engine Optimization is meta descriptions. This is either done with coding, or by using a plugin in the head of a website. It is a short but detailed description, meant to entice a viewer into clicking on your site in the search engine results. Your keywords are always bolded in the meta description. They should really not be much longer than the length of a tweet.


For the best SEO, a URL should be short and relevant to the page in which it identifies. It should be readable, and not use numbers or symbols.


Back-links are an essential part of Search Engine Optimization. By providing excellent content that another blogger in your field of expertise will want to share and link to, or just asking people you know in relevant businesses to back-link to your site, will also boost your ranking.

Helping search engines properly index your website with SEO tactics is part of what a social media marketer needs to know. There are more excellent resources on SEO on

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