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To have a successful small business. It is very important to how you promote and get the word out about your business. A great way for us to make an impact on doing business well is how the consumers and potential consumers view the business. Brand awareness is something can make a break the reputation of a lot of business. It establishes trust between the brand and the target market. When a small business is new and wanting to reach new consumers, it is important how the current consumers are providing feedback on the products and services that they are getting from the brand. Their word of mouth is something that people can trust. Consumers want to be connected and spend their dollar at a place that values them as a consumer. Small business can thrive and grow based on how the target market views them (Decker, 2022). #smallbusiness #businessmatters

Small businesses today have it made in comparisons to how things were years ago. In this day and time, we know that social media has dominated the advertising world. Business can advertise and promote their business almost for free. Talk about getting the word out!!!! There are some very influential sites out today that small business can create marketing strategies for. 
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and now TikTok have given the small business era an opportunity to grow in their specific industries. #smallbusinessmoney #business #businesssuccess

There are many aspects to marketing strategies that small business must take into consideration. Have you thought of all of the ways to connect with your target audience? One way is to know your audience. Who are you trying to reach. What do your buyers want? Making a connection with your consumers allows the small business to know what their consumers need. Understanding the power of the existing customers is also important. Small business owners should really concentrate on the feedback and comments that they are getting under the posts of all of their social media platforms. The existing customers tell it all. They make you aware of what they like and what is keeping them as a consumer. Their feedback offers opportunities for upselling, repeat purchases, and cross-selling. They just basically give away what they want in the comments section. Small business must capitalize on this information and utilize it in their marketing strategies. 

Social Media has become a dominate force today! Can’t you see it. Who isn’t on one of the major social media platforms? Facebook, Instagram, and the now TikTok has provided ways for small business to promote their business. They can sponsor ads and target the market of people that they are wanting to reach in any area of the world. And guess what? You can almost promote some of the business services for free when your current followers are sharing and tagging the business in their posts. Another good thing about social media is that you can collect the information in the metrics to see the areas that you need to work and improve on when it comes to marketing on social media (Boyarsky, 2022)

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Have you noticed many people are promoting businesses by their personal posts and videos? If you haven’t, this is called User influence. Many people are out there especially on TikTok creating content and is being very beneficial to local and small businesses. They are creating content such as videos and images and posting them on the social media platforms. The content that they are creating is including many hashtags that are attracting many other consumers to see what the business offers. Today, you can go in TikTok and see that there are a number of businesses from people posting about small business products and services. This is free marketing for the businesses. They are also using Facebook and Instagram but I’m seeing a lot of content ton TikTok. This influence has caused many small businesses to become well known and to gain a lot of new followers. 

Many businesses are now hiring influencers being it the average consumers or even celebrities to promote their products and services. This user generated content is important because the consumers are influenced to engage on the social media platforms an even some are being converted to customers by making purchases on the business websites. Isn’t this what you want? We love to see it! The marketing game has changed over the years and more and more small business are growing in popularity because of user generated content (Beveridge, 2022)

When using user generated content in social media campaigns, it’s important that the content that is being promoted is effective. Some businesses use the content to compare their products to their competitors. What is displayed and how it is being conveyed to the target consumer will make or break a business. The right use of hashtags, timing, and content should be incorporated into the campaign. The content that the users are posting should be posted at certain times and the usage or the right hashtags can attract a lot of attention if done right. Some campaigns should use catchy hashtags while others should use multiple hashtags to capture the attention of the most people. The interaction and engagement from the campaign can show the business through the metrics and the feedback from the posts, what the people viewing it like or dislike about what is being offered. The reviews can be used by the marketing team to make the necessary changes that will help the business move in the right direction in gaining more followers and increasing their business profit. The purpose of all campaigns for small business is to promote what the business has to over to their consumers and how they benefit from it. If you want your small business to grow and open up more locations or just increase your clientele, you must market it correctly. 

Social media is continuing to evolve and it’s up the businesses to stay on top of all the trends that are happening today so that they aren’t left behind. They most continue to monitor the metrics from their social media campaigns to see what they need to do to improve so that they remain effective in their approach. Also, monitoring their competitors teaches them what to do and what not to do. Using user generated content can be a free tool for some businesses. So, it is important that all of the content is monitored especially when using your business can be promoted in a positive or negative light (Muhammad, 2023)


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