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A Drop At A Time – A Cause To Live For

Learn about the “A Drop At A Time” water conservation efforts that you can find in social media marketing pages!

Saving a drop at a time- Marketing the Nonprofit Way

Nonprofits are organizations which work for issues concerning betterment of the world with no profits expected in return. The cause that a nonprofit adopts can be many, however they all have a common goal of building a better world for everyone irrespective of race, gender, socio-economic status or religion. The one common thing that nonprofits share with “for profit” or commercial organizations is the “need for marketing”.

A Drop At A Time is one such Nonprofit which has a goal of conserving every drop of water on the globe in order to help this resource be available for generations to come. In this context, the agency has undertaken several water conservation projects across many continents. The organization also helps in providing relief to areas that face water shortage. A Drop At A Time has an active Board of Directors who work diligently with the public and governmental agencies to raise awareness for their cause. They also have staff that work towards the fulfillment of these causes and are paid a salary to do that. They also have volunteers who invest their time and efforts to the cause of the nonprofit without expecting any monetary benefits in return. However, just as any organization, nonprofits too need good marketing, in fact much more than what commercial companies do!

Creating Awareness on Social Media

Creating awareness towards our goal and purpose involves undertaking certain crucial steps in social media marketing and other outreach which are well explained with examples in this video:

Saving every drop from going wasted and conserving rain water and fresh water sources around the world through practical strategies is the main objective of A Drop At A Time. It has taken a very active role in educating people about it and has also situated several measures to advocate the same. A glimpse of it can be seen in the image below:


Have you ever thought about this? If yes, what was your way in conserving water? Do you have an idea we could use? Please let us know through your comments. We are all ears!!!




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