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Easy Steps to Jumpstart Your Social Media Marketing Career.

In todays society, we can agree that the digital media presence for companies are in high demand and the demand for social media marketers are even higher. Sometimes a little motivation and direction is all we need to get started on our social media marketing journey.

Bredava, 2022

College of communications suggest there are 5 steps for new social media marketers to use as a basis for their career paths.

  1. Create a strategy– Creating a strategy allows the marketer to closely plan out their game plan on how they will deliver the strategy. this gives the marketer time to weigh in pros and cons to see what will be beneficial and what will hinder the strategy. Most importantly this helps with organization.
  2. Be consistent– Being consistent is the only way to truly see results and to grow the brand through your strategy. Consistency will also bring in better analytical results in order to help improve your strategy and to better suit your audience.
  3. Create engaging & interesting content– This is important because the social media world is ever evolving with new trends starting everyday, so you want to create content that will draw the audiences attention and keep their attention as well. This will create a returning clientele and new clientele interests.
  4. Engagement – interacting with your audience and being responsive and engaged in their feedback and responding to their content that relates to your content helps build a relationship between the brand and the audience.
  5. Track and Analyze metrics– Tracking and analyzing is the only way to get accurate representation of how your content is doing, your audience engagement, and the only way to help improve your overall strategy.

With these easy steps you could be the next big social media marketer! All it takes is hard work a dedication!

Young and new social media marketers can also familiarize themselves with resources such as; Hootsuite, Google Analytics, Canva, as well as Google analytics certificates. reasons to be familiar with Google analytics gives great insight on the many benefits of getting to know the functionalities of site such as Google Analytics.

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