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Email Marketing: Not Dead Yet!

Believe it or not, email marketing still exists in this day and age of social media. Surprisingly, younger generations like the millennials and Gen Zers still prefer email as their brand communication. This is also true for Gen X and Baby Boomers. Clearly, email marketing is not a thing of the past!

e-mail marketing

If you decide to go through with email marketing, there are five stages of the campaign:

  • Raise awareness about your products and your company. A good example is if you are going to launch a new product. Send an email out about the product a month before the initial launch.
  • Consideration is where you want to be educational. Describe the benefits of the product that you’re offering. Better yet, try to incorporate how it fits the needs and wants of the audience.
  • Conversion is important! It can make or break your ROI. Don’t wait too long to send your email out with a “Buy it now” or “Sign up today” call-to-action. You want to send this soon after your consideration email; the reader should be in the mood to purchase your product. Sending the email too late could mean that they don’t want to buy it anymore.
  • Product Usage is the point where the customer bought your product and are now using it. Now, follow up with them. Get them to leave a review of the product on your social media site or even your website. Or, create a simple survey for them to complete to get their feedback on the product.
  • Loyalty emails are informative, like a newsletter. Now you have a relationship with the buyer. You want to maintain that relationship. You want the customer to keep you in mind.


While it is true that your customers want to hear from you, do NOT fall into the habit of emailing them consistently that you fill up their entire inbox! There is such a thing as overkill. Customers don’t want to get bombarded with emails or feel like they are harassed, be sure to give them a break. Better yet, come up with a schedule. If you’re only going to send out one email a week, choose which day you’re going to send out your emails and be sure to follow that.

Opt Down, Not Out

Since customers are continually receiving promotional emails every day, they might decide to “opt out.” There is a better alternative. Instead of losing the customer completely, give them the opportunity to “opt down.” This alternative can give them a break from your emails. They can choose how long they want to take a break for from your emails.

Mobile Friendly

We are in the day and age of CELL PHONES. People have a hard time breaking away from these wonderful devices, so make sure to make your email mobile friendly. Be sure to that your emailing list provider can optimize your email for mobile.

By now, you’re probably thinking, “Okay, so what are some good email marketing services that are available?” Have no fear! This blog features seven best email marketing services for 2018, be sure to have a look!

Have any questions about email marketing? Or have you used email marketing and want to share your experiences? Comment below!

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