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Epic Hacks to Blogging for Small Businesses

Victoria Watson

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Small business blogging is all about reaching potential with
consumers. It can be difficult to increase brand awareness and revenue. There
are multiple ways a company can reach and inform a vast majority of people with
the following tips and tactics that we find to work out perfectly!


It is NECESSARY for all content on the blog to be high in
quality. There are a lot of company blogs out there that are boring and only
show pages and pages of information that is not always offering what the
consumer is looking for or wants to read about. Business blogging is about
informing consumers about your business…but in a fun engaging way. Providing
information about updates, new offerings and anything that will catch their eye
means incorporating fun elements like photos and/or videos. Check out this blog
post from
on the top 7 blogs that are stellar!

Multiple Social Media

Why not use multiple platforms? Using multiple platforms
help with increasing brand awareness. Some of the better platforms include
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and in professional instances, LinkedIn. Using
these platforms will help create a community that you can share information
with and incorporate different types of content. You don’t want to neglect
content on your site. Blogging is an important part for social media platforms
and incorporating it into all post. Here are some tips
and tricks on how to grow your business with social media. Content keeps people
on your site. This is a signal to the search engines that you’re providing
relevant and useful information (Patel, 2019). The content can range from
status updates, going live, photos, videos and infographics. Going live will
automatically popup at the top of their newsfeed, which will help gain
attention to your site. Utilizing popular hashtags (##) can help bring the
audience to your page. #blogging #smallbusinessblogging #shareapost

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Videos and Links

Facebook and Instagram are sites that allow users to incorporate video aka “stories” on their profiles to be seen for 24 hours and appear at the top of their newsfeed. However, you could also include links in your story for consumers to click on that will also lead them to your website. They’re like that old friend who has stuck with you through thick-and-thin. They’re so reliable, you really can’t forget about them (Patel, 2019). Google uses links as a key ranking factor…so include them in EVERY post. Its like someone vouching for you. Consumers would rather watch you showcase your product over reading it. This allows them to see it and it will stay in their minds longer due to the visuals you provide. It is much more eye catching and helps break up information.

If you’re in a blog-post rut, video tutorials are a great
way to provide value for your audience and spice up your content (Patel, 2019).

Check out this video:


Influencer Engagement

Choose the people that have the largest follower group that you see fit with your vision and product offerings. Find them and follow them back. Share their content regularly and give them shout-outs and try to engage as much as possible. In Conclusion, key point here are, whoever follows the influencer will see your post and will eventually check out your page. The influencer could even post and share your content on their page, and this will lead to them helping promote your brand. As a result, a click counts as engagement so go ahead and let them click away! Do you have any success stories with influencer engagement? Share below in the comments section!

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To all small business out there check out
how others are doing it and lets share our thoughts on how you have improved
your awareness and what steps you took!


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