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Event Success – A Social Media Campaign

An event for a nonprofit can be a great opportunity to introduce people to a cause and help to further engage existing supporters.  Events may include an Open House, an Auction, a Dance, a Call to Action Luncheon or other social event.  Planning a campaign for your event will help to ensure success in raising awareness about your cause.


Five points to consider in planning a campaign are:

  • Connections Needed
  • A Cause to Care
  • Call to Action – Plan when to Ask
  • Sponsors and Connections
  • Event Invitations & Tickets

Connections Needed

Consider your event, who among your supporters will be interested and who can be attracted to the event to gain new connections. For new connections look for key influences within the group you want to attract maybe on Twitter or LinkedIn.  Before you try to connect listen to an influencer, what makes them interesting to the group, how might you approach them on their ground. Social media is a great way to connect but if your event is local do not forget a call or find face to face opportunity to reinforce a connection.

A Cause to Care

How do you want to introduce your cause to new connections? What stories will have the best impact, look at your potential new connections as investors in the cause – what will they want to know to invest?  Consider how best to showcase your cause in promoting the event, where do you send people to learn more about you – a blog, a website or a video.


Call to Action – Plan When to Ask

You may have an event where you just want to make connections and have no specific donation ask, but you will still need a call to action for the event – what do you want people to do as a result of your event, besides smile? Think about when in your campaign you want to start discussing the call to action, will it be on social media during promotion or at the event?


Sponsors are important to an event in both funding and opening the door to new connections.  Sponsors connect to an organization because the cause is good, they want access to your connections or you have successfully connected with a key influencer at that organization.  Consider what organizations may potentially sponsor your event and why.  Reach out with information about the event, smaller sponsor may come across the social media network but larger sponsors will need a more personal one to one connection such as a call or visit.

Event Invitations

How will you ask people to join the big event?  Will there be connection on social media, maybe Twitter?  Will you have members in the organization ask friends and family?  If you want to connect with a new group who and how might this be done using the vast amount of information on the social web?  Think well before the event about new connections, people or groups, to target and spend some time listening and building an understanding using social media.

There are many ways to learn about groups and people on social media.  Decide what the objective of your event is in reengaging or building new connections.  Try to be specific who you are targeting.  Use social media and your current connections learn more about them and then try to connect.  Some searching and planning will go far is making your event more than two hours of polite smiles.  Instead you will ready to make a lasting connection!

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