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Blogging for Your Small Business: Everything You Need to Know

As a small business owner it can be difficult to add more to your plate. However, I am here to tell you that blogging can be fun, easy, and help you get the word out about your business. Blogging can be a way to express your business, get the word out about something your company is doing, let people know about a specific product or service, a journal, or even a way to relate to your customers on a more personnel level.

Here are the top 4 reasons I think small businesses should blog and some ideas on what to blog about.

Blogging can help to express yourself and share your passions

  • Most small business owners enjoy what they do and work hard to be successful. A blog can help you be creative and showcase what you can do for them.
  • Examples
    • Always take before and after photos. This helps your followers to see where you started and how far you have come. Depending on the business, this can be essential to success. If you own a design company, antique shop, sell décor, or even a cook this technique can do wonders to showcase your talents. Your blog can talk about techniques, tips, or “How To” for your followers. Pictures, steps, and even videos help gain interest.

before house front bloggingAfter front house

before backyardafter backyard

Photos courtesy of Mandi Evans Photography

ingredients final product

Photos courtesy of Sugar and Spice by Celeste

Blogging to build on online portfolio and earn exposure

  • Marketing and advertising can be very expensive, so small business owners must be smart and use all of the available resources to them. Blogging and social media can be free and are able to gain a substantial amount of exposure globally. With the Internet having such a large reach, small business can really increase their exposure.
  • Examples
    • As a small business owner, you need to get your work out there. Let people know what you are capable of and the quality of work you can do. This can consist of make-overs maybe of a home, a space, hair, or even make-up. Many things can fit into this category, so sky is the limit. Post pictures and explain techniques and latest styles.

Dye job updoMakeover Monday

Photos courtesy of The Wild Side Salon and Hair Success Salon and Day Spa- Makeovers

Barn door Barn door 2

Photos courtesy of Grain Designs

Blogging to share your knowledge

  • Small business owners have a passion for what they do. They want others to share in their passion, so they share their expertise. Small businesses can use a blog to showcase their expertise on their products and/or services.
  • Examples
    • This could be taking a product and giving people a new way to look at it. Styling hair, doing your makeup, decorating your home, DIY products, or even styling your wardrobe. Even giving people ideas on shoe choices, jewelry choices, and other accessories. As a consumer, I would love to buy 5 essential pieces of clothing and be able to style them for completely different looks. Helps save money and will drive me back to their business!

The Nines The Nines Boutique

Photos courtesy of The Nines

Blogging to make a difference

  • Use emotion to connect to your audience/followers. The best campaigns, posts, or blogs have content that reaches out to people and connects with them on a deeper level. While some of the examples I am giving are organizations, there are many things that small businesses can do. Sometimes even a donation to a special cause or a special event.
  • Examples
    • Check out May-Port CG’s Vlog that showcases educational opportunities and experiences students are receiving.
    • Search for ALS bucket challenge and you will find a ton of viral videos that helped raise a ton of money for a great cause.
    • Talking about what your company can do for the community.
      • Many businesses will allow employees to volunteer their time for a community service project. For example, our local insurance company HUB International allows employees to donate so many hours of their time each year to a cause and still be paid as if they were at work.
    • Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota is very active in raising money and help multiple charities such as united way, toys for tots, and others, as well as participating in giving hearts day raising money for numerous charities.

Blogging can be a great way for small businesses to express themselves, build brand awareness, and connect on a more personal level. Blogging when planned, organized, and promoted can really give a business an extra boost and allows for the owner or managers to be creative and share their passion with thousands of people.

What are some things you could blog about or what are some of your favorite blogs?


Photo Credits: Hair Success Salon & Spa, Grain Designs, Mandi Evans Photography, Sugar and Spice by Celeste, The Nines, and The Wildside Salon

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