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Facebook and Twitter and Instagram, Oh My!

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What do I do with all of these different pages?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; social media can be overwhelming for some businesses, you have to think of new content to draw current and potential customers to your page regularly in order to increase interest around your business and the products or services you sell.  But how effective are your posts on the different outlets?  Which outlets are more effective for a business to utilize?  Does the thought of it make you feel like Charlie Brown in the image above by Dia Media?

The answer to these lies in what type of content you’re providing and how you dedicate resources to social media.  When we think of social media we think along the lines of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Now you have other outlets such as SnapChat, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vine, and even LinkedIn.  Overwhelmed yet?  Don’t be, although the number of social media outlets are increasing, it doesn’t mean that it is more time consuming.  Picking which outlets will work best for your business is key, but if you want to use as many as possible, or all, you can do that too.  Just make sure the content you’re pushing is pulling customers into your store or to your website.

Let’s start with Facebook

So you have a business page with 5,000 likes, do you know how many of those 5,000 people will actually see your posts?  Based on the current analytics tools, you’re likely to reach about 6.5 percent, or 325 people (Bernazzani, 2018).  When looking at the amount of likes, this is a small number, but there’s also other matrices at work here.  Facebook users can opt to “unfollow” a page or person, meaning that they only see their posts when they go directly to their page.  Others may not see your posts because it doesn’t fall within their main interests.  Any of your posts can be “bumped” to reach outside of your current following, this will cost you money, but if you’re working on expansion, it could be worth it.

What about Instagram?

Instagram is more of a visual media outlet, users  can follow specific people or businesses that post images that interest them.  The addition of “hashtags” allows users to search for specific content they want to see at the time.  This is the perfect platform to showcase images of new products, or even draw attention to how hard your service department works.  Take a picture of the guys hard at work on customer units, add a catch phrase to it, some hashtags to include the different product lines you carry, and now you have something that has the potential to draw in more followers and interest in your business.

Don’t forget Twitter!

Twitter is a great place for sharing blog posts and asking questions to generate conversations with your followers.  You have 140 characters to get your message across, but sometimes less is more, right?

So what Social Media sites do I use?

This infographic from Click Consult shows some of the pros and cons of each platform to help you decide where you want to start with building your online community.


Pros and Cons of Social Media

No matter if you choose one outlet or multiple outlets, think about the type of content you’re generating.  Don’t let every post be something for sale, add in pictures of customers who purchased something from you, think about generating a blog that gives information, show what’s going on around your business and let followers get to know your staff and what they do, and of course post any events you’re putting on or sponsoring.  If you don’t feel you have the time to dedicate to multiple social media sites, but want to use as many as possible, look into a social media management tool such as Hootsuite where you can post to multiple outlets from one source.  Most of all, think of what you want to see when you go on social media.  Use the passion you have for your industry to reach your followers, regardless of the platform.


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