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Facebook Ads, Where Do I Start?

Facebook Ads Scrabble Letters

Are you ready to tackle Facebook ads?

Facebook ads are a great way to spend a little advertising money to gain reach to new viewers or your Facebook page, website, and products. There are many aspects to a Facebook ad but by selecting a few key factors you can really gain the reach you are looking to get out of the ad you are paying for. Now Facebook ad manage can be intimidating at first until you really understand what you want to accomplish. Let us take is one step at a time and after this you will be ready to launch your first Facebook ad!

Let’s Get Started!Facebook Promote Button

Now let’s think about one specific ad you want to run, not a whole handful of them. From your business Facebook page, on the left side you will see a blue “Promote” button. Clicking that will bring a pop up of options on “How would you like to grow your business?”

Facebook Choose a goalsTo the left is where you would choose you campaign objective, meaning what your campaign will be all about. Now as you can see there are many options, scroll through them and see what Facebook can offer your business. For this exercise we want to set up an ongoing promotion, but later you may want to explore these options.  Select “Get More Website Visitors”.



Facebook promote main settingsThis page is where you are going to customize what your ad is going to look like and how you are going to promote it.

STEP 1 – Click the “Edit” to the right of AD CREATIVE

  1. Confirm the link is where you want the user to go, if not make the change there.
  2. Add your text in the text box too grab the user’s attention and get them to click on the ad, don’t add to much text or too little, find what gets your point across.

STEP 2 – Images

  1. It lets you choose up to 5 ads, but we are only doing one. Here you will select an image, there are guidelines when it comes to these images and that can be found here.
  2. Choose a headline, Facebook suggests using 25 characters or less, but you can go over by a few if need be

STEP 3 – Call to action

  1. Click on the “Learn More” drop down and see all the options there, because we want them to go to the website we are going to choose “Learn More”.


Facebook promote demographic settingsBecause we want to reach new customers we want to choose the audience option “People you choose through targeting”.

STEP 1 – Click edit to the right of “People you choose through targeting”. This will open a new popup window. This is where we will tailor who will see your ad, be specific, the more detailed the better.

  1. Choose your gender, age range and location. Be specific, if your company target market is female over the age of 40 then choose that.
  2. Detailed Targeting- Here is where you will get specific about the Facebook users demographics, interests and behaviors. As you type in options suggestions will pop up that goes with them. Choose as many as you feel cover your target audience. There is a meter on the bottom and is shows what your potential Facebook promote detailed targetingreach is within this window of settings, be sure that meter stays in the green.
  3. When happy with your selections click the blue “Save” button.

STEP 2 – Where it says Instagram, uncheck that box. We are not going to deal with Instagram ads right now.


There are two options you can choose to Run the promotion continuously or choose when it will end. Both of these you can set a budget, which then reflects the estimated clicks per day. This part is up to you and your budget. You will notice the higher the budget the more clicks per day.

Once you are happy with your ad, target audience budget and reach you can then click promote. It will prompt you for your payment method.

Lastly, to check your ad performance you will go to your business Facebook page on the left side you will see a blue “Promote” button under that you will see “Manage Promotions”. Clicking that will bring to the insights page where you can see information on the ad, its performance and to pause or stop the ad as well.


Want to ready more about Facebook and social media ads? Here is a great article called The Practical Guide to Using Social Media Advertising Without Breaking the Bank that is worth taking a moment to read!

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