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Facebook and Profile Pictures

Facebook, to some, changes like the season. Much like the post, what is hot today, may be blown away with the wind tomorrow. It’s important that your Facebook page is maintained, and I am speaking more than just your post.

Facebook & Your Profile Picture

I’m speaking about your profile picture. Your profile picture should not be placed on your page and then forgotten, but it should be often updated serving a purpose and being very expressive and easily understood.

Your profile picture should be the correct size and bright. If your profile picture is abstract art, that is one thing, but if it’s a picture of you, that is something totally different.

Unless your business deals with children, your business profile picture should not be a picture of your children. If you are a chef, then your profile picture should be a picture of you in your chef attire. If you are a teacher, your profile picture could be taken in front of a blackboard.

So what you may not know about your profile picture? Your profile picture can draw traffic to your site. New traffic can result in new clients.

Keep in mind also, that posting a new picture results in a post in the timeline. Meaning? Your friends see your new image and they can like it. The more likes you have, the more positive you look to Facebook. When a friend likes your post, others can see they’re like and draw them to your page.

Facebook Profile Pictures Matter!

So what you may not know about your profile picture, if you are not mindful, can hurt you.

Need another idea?  Taking selfies is in right now. Why not take a few selfies while in your work environment and post them as your profile picture. You can also get others to take pictures for you on your cell phone. By downloading the Facebook app, you can post the selfie to your profile picture, and your profile picture is updated.

Do have more suggestions about using profile pictures on Facebook?  Please comment about it below, we would love to hear your ideas and experiences!

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