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Should I Use a Facebook Page or Website?

By Anthony Alarcon (@socialographers)

facebook vs websiteSmall business owners and non-profits are told that they must have an online presence.  With a DIY budget, they search for the path of least resistance.  Most are familiar with Facebook for personal use.  If they research social media marketing Fan pages and business pages on that platform are the flavor of the month.  So why not just let Facebook be the web presences no need for a website.  No need to learn HTML or whatever language it takes to get the page up and running.

Facebook can be a one size fits all solution, right?
On face value, it sounds like a viable solution but it is not. Better than nothing for sure but it misses the mark for online marketing if it is used as a standalone platform.   It is easy to set up and has a number of great built-in promotion tools.  One of the biggest problems is, you cannot close the sale without paying Facebook in one way or another.  Unless you can send potential customers to another place….perhaps a website.  But, you don’t have one because it’s too much trouble.
On Facebook, you are subject to their rules and regulations and their amended rules and regulations.  Unless they are sharing in the revenue you cannot place links to a checkout or even market your product.  Organic traffic cannot reorder or even find the post that made them want to buy as it has moved down your timeline.

Can Facebook and website work together?

If you are going to have a Facebook page you need a website for your followers to go to.  It can be a landing page that has nothing but a description of your company and its products and a way to place an order.   Returning customers don’t want to wade through Facebook they want to place an order conduct their business in the quickest way.
Facebook is a tool that is used to drive customers to your site.  Your site is where you convey you the complete message.  It is a place where you have control of how business is transacted.  Facebook is the place where you build rapport with your customers.  Engagement builds your brand and expands your reach.

Conclusion: Create great website and drive traffic there with Facebook.

A website is a little harder to put in place but, is worth it.  Free platforms like makes it easy to get up and running in no time.  Many small marketers know that a site does not have to be pretty to work.  Many have proven that a few paragraphs some pictures and a Paypal link can produce a good income.  Use Facebook to build your site’s visitors and your message of products will soon have a robust following.

Which do you think is more valuable for marketing: Facebook or your company’s website?


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