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“Feel” the love with your social media marketing?

What does the poet Maya Angelou’s quote about how you make people “feel” have to do with social content and growing your networks? More than you might think. Keep this quote from Dr. Angelou in mind as we move forward:


It’s great that you’re posting content to your social platforms on a consistent basis. But if no one is seeing it, is it worth the time and money? As Jay Baer of points out “Informationally, Facebook has set it up so that the rich get richer. The “good stuff” will be seen by more, and the “boring stuff” will be seen by few or none.”

The best way to have your post be seen? Make it engaging! Make them “feel” it. Content that is highly shareable and that your fans will comment on and like goes a long way to breaking the Facebook algorithm and being seen by your fans. Content that grabs the viewers attention and moves them to share it with their friends. This type of word of mouth marketing can go a long way for your brand.

A visual aspect to your campaign just as important as great content! How many times have you been scrolling through your news feed and saw a post with a huge block of text and kept scrolling?

Feel Matter_Survey_Infographic_V4

Our attention spans are getting shorter so you’ll need to get the readers attention faster than ever. “People now generally lose concentration after eight seconds, highlighting the effects of an increasingly digitalized lifestyle on the brain” says Time Magazine writer Kevin McSpadden.


How do you make them feel?

Remember the quote? We’ve covered what you’ve said and done. But what about how you’ve made them feel?

This I believe is often the most overlooked part of brand engagement. A great take on this is from Lori Lewis. Lori is the Vice President of Social Media for Cumulus Media & Westwood One. Lori writes “With billions of daily active users and pieces of content swimming in and out of these social apps – how does radio even differentiate itself from the pack? One word: Acknowledgment.”  She continues to elaborate saying “brands have gotten slightly better with this over the years in responding to fans socially – but there are still too many going unacknowledged?”


You not be working in radio but the concept can carry over to any industry. By If you’re just clicking like or favorite on a social account and moving forward, it’s not really enough. Take the extra step to engage your followers in conversation. Thank them personally for a tweet or message. “If we’re so busy talking at people, we’re not listening. And if we’re not listening, we’re not offering the personalized type of responses that resonate” says Lewis.

Acknowledge your fans. Create a dialogue with them. You’ll be surprised how far a small gesture could go!

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