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Five Useful Tips for a Successful Facebook Campaign

Facebook MarketingBig businesses can make managing a Facebook campaign look easy. Their budgets are large enough to hire marketing experts that work on the company’s social media efforts full-time – giving big companies maximum exposure, compelling content, and substantial fan engagement on Facebook. As a small business owner, your time, effort and budget need to be allocated wisely within your marketing campaign – as you most likely wear many hats already. If you are just starting to build your following on Facebook, here are five useful (and often overlooked) tips for jump-starting your social media marketing campaign.


Facebook Campaign Tips for Small Businesses:

Promote your page: If you are just starting your Facebook campaign, or only have ‘likes’ from the friends you invited to your page – it may be time to broaden your audience. With the page promotion feature on this social media platform, you can set your budget and pick your preferred audience’s location, age, interests and gender. Facebook even estimates how many likes you should expect per day according to your budget preferences. Even if you only run the page promotion for a short period of time, you will be able to attract some interested fans that are more likely to comment, share and like your content than friends who may or may not be in your target audience.

Ask questions: Here is a powerful statistic Kissmetrics: Facebook posts with questions receive 100% more comments than statement-style posts. If engagement is what you are after, ask your audience for their opinions and encourage them to comment on your post. Compare  posts with questions and those without questions to really see the difference.

Post stunning visuals with valuable content: Humans are visual creatures. According to Socialbakers, 93% of the most engaging posts are photos. Think about your experience on Facebook as you are scrolling through your newsfeed. Are you more likely to stop at a post that has a striking image, and then read the text – or do your eyes stop at the text and then look at the image? For most people, a stunning visual is the first thing that catches their attention. If you want your content to gain more attention, include eye-catching visuals.

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Reply to your fans: When someone comments on your post, they have taken time out of their day that they can never have back. By replying to their comments, you are respecting their effort and showing others their inquiries will not be left hanging. Replying to comments allows others to see your availability for communication and strengthens the bond between you and your audience.

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Encourage participation with call-to-action requests: By mentioning what you would like your audience to do at the end of a post, you are reminding them of an action. If you ask a question, they will be prompted to answer if it is relevant, interesting, and will give your fans a chance to show their intellect. By asking your audience to share a post, you are increasing the chances of them posting your content to their wall if they enjoyed your content. To ensure your success, a good question to ask yourself before writing a call-to-action is, “how will I measure the success of this post?” If you are measuring success with how much fan engagement you receive, then your call-to-action should reflect that objective.

Facebook Campaigns Take Time

Most Facebook campaigns with modest budgets take a long time to gain a large following, and will only do so if business owners consistently work on their pages by providing valuable content that encourages fan engagement. If you know anyone who would benefit from this information, please share this article with them!

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