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Five Ways Social Media Is Missing From Your Startup

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Social media and startups often look a lot like this…

“Let’s get our name up there with the Big Guys…let’s see, that would be, duh, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+ because I have pleasant associations with the term “Google.”

“Wow.. that was a lot of work. I wonder how many client calls I missed while I signed up for that? No biggie. At least it’s up.”

“I don’t have time for even a single post. And that’s all social is anyhow, posting. I’ll hire a college kid to post for me for cheap.”

“There. Now that my web dev people know about this and got the icons up there all shiny, I’m finally done.”

Unfortunately, there’s a lot more to it than that. I don’t have time to go into everything you missed, but assuming you’ve gotten yourself thoroughly caught up by now on your strategy, and KPI’s and tracking methods and target metrics, let’s move onto some ways to implement social that you may have missed.

Five Tips For Your Startup:

  1. Business cards
    The debate on whether or not people do or should use business cards is real. As a personal preference, I like them. And likely because I like proof – I like something tangible and tactile that I can hold in my hand a representation of a person within something bigger. Assuming you have these cards, sit down and decide which Social Icons you want to place on there. It doesn’t have to necessarily be every channel in which you engage. Limit your icons to the channels which you WANT a prospect to scope you out on. And consider if it makes sense to include a handle, an address or just an icon for each channel.

  2. Slide Decks
    If you are presenting to partners like independant vendors or value added resellers, you will need to have a branded deck for your company (with hopefully a few different templates to choose from). Place the appropriate icons and a static URL for the company in an aesthetically pleasing location (get at real graphic designer on this if at all possible, please.)

  3. Your e-mail signature
    Your e-mail signature should already have your company’s URL at the bottom, but incorporate social icons beneath with a URL embedded in the icon to the desired location. Use a traceable URL so that you can see if and possibly who is clicking and wants to know more through this chanel.

  4. Flyers / Collateral
    Don’t miss out on these nuggets of social opportunity. Flyers advertising an Open House for your company, for example, might include a social icon as well as a hashtag unique to the event in question. If you have one-pagers explaining services that you offer, you can find ways to incorporate your social icons into the copy of the page. Again, just make sure you consult your designers on these ones.

  5. On OTHER Social Media
    This one is a little bit less intuitive, as it involves cross-platforming your social media. For instance, if you are having enormous success with a particular post on Twitter, screenshot that tweet (including the retweet/favorite numbers) and post that image elsewhere, particularly if you have high engagement on the image-centric platform, Instagram.


What were the biggest things YOU found missing from your Social Media Marketing plan?

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