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Follow Me! 10 Ways to Get More Followers


Getting people to click “Follow” on a social media page is one of the elusive social media goals for social media professionals. Sometimes I see other people’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest pages and I think to myself “How can it be that these individuals have thousands – sometimes hundreds of thousand followers/likes?!?” Do these people really know all of these people? If so, how on earth is that possible! The truth however is, these users don’t know a huge majority of their followers. They obtain them throughout the course of creating engaging interactions, and providing content for other social media users.

Expand Your “Follow” Network and Build Your Tribe

You are reading this post because you WANT to be one of those social media users with thousands of followers, likes – possible for many reasons one of which may be feeling popular! My son consistently discussing the “success” of Instagram pictures or Facebook posts by how many likes/comments he receives. In this day and age this is how individuals receive praise/love via these likes. Same thought perception with a company’s social media campaigns. The amount of likes, followers, and comments says a lot about their company as a whole.

We are going to briefly discuss the importance of social media networking, and engaging content for readers – which will lead to an increase in followers!

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Why people FOLLOW social media sites:

There are many reasons as to why people particularly business should utilize social media. Here are a few from Hootsuite:

  1. Learn about your customers and connect with your audience
  2. Reach a new audience locally and globally
  3. Improve Customer Service
  4. Gain market share
  5. Create meaningful relationships that generate leads
  6. An affordable way to increase brand awareness
  7. Establish your business as an industry expert and expand your professional network


What makes content so engaging that people will FOLLOW you?

Engaging content is content that will grasp your readers attention. If the first few statements don’t appeal to a reader they will never go past the first sentence! Have pictures, and an alluring first paragraph and readers may make it all the way to the end!

Why should you use engaging content? This platform will allow you as a business to create brand awareness and let customers know who you are in a more elaborate form. Giving good content will create subscribers and long term readers. Also you should give the option to share on other social media platforms so others can see as well!


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10 Ways to Increase Your Follow Stats

  1. Ensure there is a link to your website in your about/bio sections
  2. Offer freebies on your page such as webinars, ebooks, coupons etc.
  3. Establish a social media contest for the platform of your choice.
  4. Include a “like us on” pop up on website.
  5. Utilize hashtags for twitter, and Instagram social media platforms.
  6. Add your social media pages to your email signatures.
  7. Use SEO within social media platforms – make sure keywords are added to about/bio sections
  8. Tag other pages in your posts.
  9. Blog – then reference your social media sites on your blog.
  10. Get a little personal. Its nice for a customer to feel a personal connection to you/your business. It creates a more loyal customer. Let your followers “in” on who you are – don’t always try to sell them something.

As discussed there are various ways one can increase followers on a social media platform. You would need to determine what platforms would create a return on investment for you and your business before jumping into social media/social media marketing. You don’t want to waste your time trying to gain followers in a platform that will not best suite you or your company.

Do you have tips to share with our readers?  Add your comment below – thank you!

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