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Future Technology & Privacy

Future Technology

Future products, particularly analytics, are in development that will continue to change our technical landscape.  We have just scratched the surface with our imagination. Technology and social media will play a larger role in our society as well as our personal lives. These upcoming developments will particularly focus on the likes, needs, and expectations of our newest generations, Generation Y and Generation Z.

Privacy Concerns

A platform to personalize your watch, phone, computer, and electronic media to your likes, needs, and wants is being developed. This technology would be displayed for you everywhere you go, therefore providing a completely customized experience each day. Some of us may feel it is an incredible time saver, while some of us may feel our privacy is being violated.  As a result of this advancement, it may become more challenging to protect our privacy. Watch this video for a short video about predictive analytics: Predictive Analytics Data Mining

Predictive Analysis

Insightfully is a new company currently testing these types of predictive insights and analytics which may provide the following:

  • People with the opportunity to better utilize their network’s social data.
  • Employers will the data to tailor their recruiting messages.
  • Applicants will job openings that meet their backgrounds and desirable career directions.
  • Candidates with the knowledge, skill, and ability to be successful will be targeted for employers.

In fact, the software may begin to gather data to understand the applicants’ potential before they even realize it and present these options to both the prospective employee and the employer. The likelihood of producing better candidate matches and reducing turnover would greatly increase.  As a result, the entire process would save time and expense all around.  Unfortunately, issues of privacy and incomplete and/or incorrect data may become roadblocks for these advances.


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