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How to Get More Customers Through Social Media

Are you a small business owner who has no idea how to use social media to get customers? Or maybe you already have a good consumer base but are looking to expand your reach. Well look no further because theses are a few tips that should help you reach your social media goals for your business.

#1 Get Organized

You may think you’ve got everything under control with your posts however, that may not be the case. Every business owner needs a social media manager to help keep content consistent and organized. Hootesuite is great a platform that allows you to create content and schedule your posts across various social media outlets. The website has many features such as ROI measurements, performance monitorizations, ad managing with optimization, and social media monitoring. Hootesuite is definitely beginner friendly as they also of various training videos to assist along the way. Another perk to the platform is that its free to use for up to 2 social media accounts, so you could test it out first before signing up for a plan!

#2 Follow The Trends

In the social media world things can change in an instant! What may be trending now ago may not be a few months down the road, so it’s crucial to stay up to date on the trends. This is also the same for the words you may use in a post. One way to keep yourself in the loop would be by utilizing Google Trends and google analytics (I’ll touch more on this later). Google trends has a search bar for what’s trending all over the world so if you are looking to get more customers, this tool could be of good use to you!

Also keep in mind that hashtags are extremely important for audience reach! By using the right hashtags your posts can show up in the right feeds. Using any ole type of hashtag won’t work though. You will need to take time and search for the ones that have just enough of engagement and are in line with your content topic and brand. Most platforms allow you to search hashtags where you will be able to see how many people are engaging with it or not. Another great tool is Hashtagify, where you can search tags as well.

#3 Engage With You Audience

In the age of social selling, you have to do just that… BE SOCIAL. Consumers want to feel a connection to the brands they use, and customer service expectation are at an all time high! If you take just a little time out of your day to actually engage with your audience in the comments or posts that they tag you in, you have a higher chance to get more customers for your business. Build some rapport with your brand as being helpful and acknowledging because this could make or break your business believe it or not.

#4 Use Google Analytics

A large majority of the world utilizes google so why wouldn’t you? Google is GREAT for business and as I mentioned before, using Google Analytics can help you with trends and keyword choice for posts. The platform has a feature which allows you to search what keywords are good to use and not to use based on performance. Google Analytics will also show various other factors regarding your site such as performance, consumer bounce rate, times your customers visit your site, what platforms consumers are finding you site through, and so much more! Google also has a free academy for anyone to use to better understand the feature of their platform so if you aren’t very tech savvy this would be great to use!

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