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Getting Social: The benefits of social media for small businesses.

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While we are still in the midst of a raging pandemic, it is becoming harder and harder for businesses to sustain survival as our economy remains broken. It is more important than ever for small businesses to sharpen their social media marketing skills, especially during this time of uncertainty. As time moves on and we see the light at the end of the tunnel, one positive that small businesses can take away from it all is communication through these various social platforms should be refined. Social media has allowed companies to deliver the right information to consumers, at any time, any place. Over the past year, businesses both large and small have had to learn how to adapt to remote environments with their customers, communicating through Skype, telephone, and social media. In the following blog post, I will suggest and discuss some important reasons why it is important to refine your social media efforts, and those four features are:

  • Connecting and Expanding
  • Building
  • Connecting
  • Creating

All four of these features are interconnected and can help lead to growing and strengthened relationships with consumers via social media.

Connecting and expanding target audiences around the clock

Social media has no office hours or Sorry…we are closed. The great thing about social media is. as a small business, you can engage with your target audience, any day or night. Social media undoubtedly allows small businesses to connect with customers. But, with the options of sharing content, posts, user reviews, etc., customers can share information with other people via social media, thus giving your business even more exposure. This can grow your target audience so that you are able to reach more people.

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Build brand loyalty this build brand equity

Having a social media presence can establish a connection with consumers in which you can build upon. Ensuring constant communication and engagement with existing customers while reaching your target audience is essential. Lack of engagement may result in lost customers, thus damaging your brand reputation.

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Connect with other small businesses

Not only can you connect with your target audience, but it may be helpful to connect with other small businesses, especially during this pandemic. Social media platforms can be a form of a technological community. Small businesses need to help each other out in these trying times.

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Create content that is suitable for your target audience

Creating engaging content that can be posted and shared on various social media platforms is important. Not only does it engage with customers, but creative content can be shared and recognized by more of your target audience.

Another way to provide customer service

Finally, another benefit of social media for small businesses is that it allows for customer service support around the clock. Consumers can connect and ask questions to businesses at any time, through various devices. For example, a customer may have an issue with a product or service and may decide to send a quick Facebook message to your businesses Facebook page at 10pm instead of waiting to call at 8am the next day. Therefore, there should be dedicated personal that manages social media specifically as it provides for constant communication.

We all need to adjust the way we live and the way that we do business. Getting social is more important than ever!

*Image taken from Pixabay. com (A free image website)

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