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Getting to the Pot of Gold

small business industries custom imageWant to know how to get to the “Pot of Gold” with social media? It can be very overwhelming getting your small business recognized in today’s world, especially with all of the social media giants out there that are rapidly changing, growing and producing mass amounts of followers not to mention your fierce competition. Fear no more, here are some tips to help get over the rainbow to the pot of gold!

Attract Leads With Facebook Offers

Facebook Offers are a great way to attract new customers as well as convert followers to actual consumers! Facebook Offers work because instead of running along the side where no one wants to be bothered with ads, they are right in the juiciest part of your newsfeed! Ads run in the news feed can produce up to six times more engagement than ads tucked away on the side of the page. Once a user clicks on the Offer in the news feed, they receive an e-mail. Now you have not only penetrated their news feed, but their e-mail inbox as well!

Use Social Media to Engage with your E-mail Subscribers

Why not use the best of both worlds? All of the time, energy and effort poured into your social media page why not connect past Facebook and Twitter? Use social media to build lasting and profitable relationships, a way to do this is you can put an email in auto responder and invite new subscribers to follow you on all of your Social Media pages, don’t forget to tell them WHY!

Become a Teacher

You can have a million people visit your page but it will not matter if people cannot find what they are looking for immediately! The day has long passed that the typical user will spend a lot of time looking for the answer to their question, so be sure to put what and who the company is, their purpose and contact info. This will allow users to find what they are looking for and know that you are a reliable source of quick, accurate and reliable information and will be sure to come back for more!

Ask Consumers Anything

It doesn’t always have to be BUSINESS, BUSINESS, BUSINESS, ask your consumer anything! When you ask your consumer a question, they will answer and BAM just like that you have engagement! When those gates are open people feel like they can communicate, this is an opportunity to learn about your business, what works, what doesn’t work, at the same time you get first-hand knowledge of who your target audience is, who they are, what they like and dislike!


There is little sense in social media marketing if you are not listening. Social media is all about conversations; it is so much more than just a marketing channel. Engaging with consumers let them know you actually care, for that, engagement to be successful and produce profits and revenue you must LISTEN and RESPOND to your consumers. You should be talking about yourself 10% of the time, engage with others 90% of the time about what matters to them and LISTEN 100% of the time! Sun Chips returned to their old packaging after consumers complained on the internet that the new biodegradable packaging was too noisy. When you listen to your customers and prospects, this will empower your business with knowledge (and as we, all know KNOWLEDGE IS POWER). Customers like businesses that not only listen, but respond to them as well!

Establish your Voice

Blogging is a perfect way to establish your “voice” it also serves as a vehicle to help see conversations in social media as well as help lead those same social media users back to your website! Being active in social media certainly helps attain brand awareness, but when a user comes back to your website this gives a higher change of conversion. When blogging you should keep in mind to talk about relevant topics and of course SHAREABLE content!

Integrate Social Media Best Practices

Businesses should integrate all of their platforms and be consistent across the board. Say your Facebook page is amazing, you have a ton of likes, shares; people are talking about the business, etc. then say they call in to customer service and are treated poorly. This is no Bueno! Social media is marketing, public relations, advertising, customer service, customer relationship management, sales, operations, human resources and research and development all bundled up in to one giant cherry on top! All departments, whether online or offline, and avenues should be just as good as the next and on the same page!

Sharing is Caring!

Sharing messages (even if it does not relate directly to your business) is okay, as long as the content is meaningful and resonates with your audience. How is the consumer going to feel about this message? Passion should emanate from every part of your social media campaign, from the name of your Facebook Page, to your advertising, content you share, everything should resonate and strike a chord in one way or another (of course a positive way), with your consumer. When you focus on passion, your engagement will go up, shares will increase and your audience will grow. When you can create content that builds passion, the audience will come! Focus on passion from a personal level as well as a business level! Show your consumers that sharing is caring!


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